Week in Review 2024 – 03/08


I struggle to accept I am only human. It is very much a glass half full vs. empty thing for me. When I am practicing yoga the teacher reminds me it isn’t about succeeding at the latest “arm balance” pose being demonstrating, but working towards that pose. OK. Still with my 71st birthday on the horizon, reaching 71 is much closer than doing a side crow. It is a struggle, but I am able to accept I will never reach side crow. Although, I do continue to do much of the prep work needed to head that in that direction.


It is much harder for me to accept that I can only accomplish so much in the studio from one week to another. Why? Beats me. Perhaps it too, is an awareness of my age. How many years do I have left with the space, mental facility and physical stamina to create. Does that mean I am giving up? Absolutely not.

Slide the arrows from left to right and back again to see the subtle change from last week’s progress to this.

I squeezed in a couple hours on Thursday to work on Sue. Not all art work shows clear visible progress. There is a fair amount of prep work needed. This week I focused on getting Sue ready to be removed from her temporary background and on to her permanent one. Most of the work happened on the backside. In order to do all that intense thread painting I had adhered layers of tear away stabilizer behind the areas to be stitched. Anything not covered by thread needed to be removed. I picked out some stay stitching since it was interfering with tearing away the stabilizer. Finally, I very carefully cut out the background section encircled by Sue’s knees and arms. Hopefully, the side by side “slider” image allows you to see what I have done.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

There is nothing like a new color of the month to boost my energy level. This month’s color is purple. It just happens to be a favorite of mine. Although, as an artist, I accept every color these days.

This is the latest blue print for my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

If you look at the blue print in the above image, you can see what March calls for. I began by making the purple “fabric” from my scraps. Since this is my fourth color (I did the dark blue in 2023) I finally have the fabric making down to a science. I even managed to cut the 36 purple half square triangles I will need. Finally, I squeezed in time to sew four of those to my already, nearly complete dark blue to be combined with purple blocks.

I am settling into a rhythm creating the color of the month “fabric”.

Not too shabby for a week’s work. I can accept that.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Not shabby at all! By the by, today I am 71.5 years old; I’ll be 72 in exactly 6 months. And I agree, acceptance has been a struggle!

    1. Why is it so difficult to accept who we are and our limits? Perhaps it is because so much of culture is geared towards improvement and achieving that next level. Anything else feels like settling and settling feels like giving up. You and I are no slackers, Margaret. Happy half birthday. 🙂

  2. I get the struggle – but there are so many things to do each day, that sometimes I think the day should just be longer! I think you got a lot done and that slider thingy is REALLY cool – its neat to see you progress!!
    Enjoy Purple – I am loving a new color too!

    1. Longer days would help, Alycia, assuming they came with an energy boost, too. Isn’t the compare (slider) feature cool. I found accidentally perhaps a year back. It is one of the “blocks” available through WordPress. In other words I can choose a variety of ways to showcase images, as a solo image, a comparison, gallery, tiled and more.

  3. That was a really cool way for us to see your progress! Keep doing that slidey thing for us when it works well, please. Sue is gorgeous and I can’t even imagine the work involved.

    1. I’m big fan of the WordPress comparison block, too. I discovered it completely by accident. I’m glad you find it “cool”. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Thread painting looks like very exacting work – I can see why you might only do a little bit at a time. And then there’s the background work that no one will ever see, like cleaning up the back so you can proceed with the next step. Always interesting to see your progress!

    1. Yes, thread painting is very exacting, but really no more than piecing or quilting. It is just that it is on a very mini scale. You have to fill up a whole space with thread.Yes so much of quilting is “behind the scenes” work. But fortunately, I enjoy all aspects of creating art quilts.

  5. I don’t know anyone who can do a side crow! I’m amazed by yoga poses, and people who can do them. Well done on Sue, and I love the slider before/after. I’m realizing that I like purple and mauve more and more, and yet I don’t have many in my stash. Your RSC blocks are lovely.
    Thank you for sharing your work in progress!

    1. I have had at least one Yoga instructor who can do side crow. None of the other in-person teachers included it in their classes. However, Peloton has a streaming service that subscribed to during the pandemic and still use. Love it. Fortunately, I have enough experience to know my limits and modify as needed. 🙂 I’ve always been a purple fan. Good to hear you are coming around. Thank you for your support.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Gwyned! If you are thinking that you need to get back to mixed media when you see my posts, you should give it a whirl. I am having so much fun playing with paint and paper!

    1. The question is should I sign myself up for Tam’s Life Book series in 2025 OR something else. My plan is to stay open until next year. I don’t want to be impulsive and leap into whatever captures my fancy. First, I have few art quilting/volunteer commitments I need to accomplish. Still it is fun to dream and live vicariously through you and LeeAnne.

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