Week in Review 2022 – 06/17

Come One

Father’s Day weekend the South Shore Art Center , local churches and businesses come together to put on the Arts Festival. Don’t miss this event if getting here is possible. However, if you can’t come here check out other festivals where you live. I am fortunate to reside in the Cohasset, MA, location of the Arts Festival.

Cohasset Harbor at sunrise

Come All

Why attend the Arts Festival?

  • It’s family friendly;
  • The predicted weather is perfect for an outdoor event;
  • Cohasset is a picturesque, quintessential, New England town complete with village green and white steepled church;
  • The festival is a short walk from Cohasset Harbor (see lead photo);
  • Take a moment either leaving Cohasset or getting here to drive along the scenic ocean roads;
  • Lobster rolls and strawberry shortcake are available in case you get a little peckish; and
  • Then there is art. Art to view and art to buy.

Can you add to my reasons for attending arts festivals? What draws you to them?

To the Arts Festival

Sunrise Over the Gulf River

I am fortunate to have two artworks on display. One is Sunrise Over the Gulf River. This will be in the main tent. It was juried into the Arts Festival exhibit.

Sunrise Over the Atlantic

The other piece on display is Sunrise Over the Atlantic. This is included in the member’s exhibition housed at the South Shore Art Center. The SSAC is one block from the festival.

I did make some progress with Bat Sh*t Crazy and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this week. Fingers crossed, I will be able to share Bat Sh*t Crazy’s finished top next week. It is so, so close to being done.

A 5 x 5 grid of pieced blue squares create a star motif.
This is the second and final block made for June’s Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Mid and light value blues are the challenge colors.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Your rainbow block looks so ethereal this week. Love it! Congratulations on your acceptances into the show. You had a nice day for it but I hope it wasn’t as windy as it was here today.

    1. I joined the RSC as a challenge to myself. Could I let go and create blocks exclusively from my scraps? What I ever discovered is that many of my fellow participants have oodles of leftover 2.5″ squares, pre-cut strips, half square triangles, etc. My scraps are, well scraps. They are odd shapes. So selecting fabric, achieving contrast/blending is truly a challenge. When things come together it is a double delight. Trust you to notice, Norma. You have well trained eye, that I so appreciate.

      The weather was perfect on Saturday for the Arts Festival. I was blown away by the constant parade of people showing up to view the art, listen to the music and simply have fun outside. Sunday, was more of a washout.

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