Week in Review 2024 – 03/29


The rule of real estate is location, location, location, while the rule of art is assess, assess, assess. At least that is one of my guiding principles for life and art.

Pretty in Pink was regularly scrutinized by the art sale attendees and generated many process related questions.

One thing I have been assessing recently is my small works. I started making them when I joined Cohasset Open Studios in 2020. What could I make to ease prospective buyers into purchasing fiber art? I played around, mostly in my head, with what to create.

My display at the Cohasset Open Studios Art Sale

I knew whatever I created it had to be something that inspired me to create multiples. Time was crucial, too. How much time am I willing to spend on small work versus the larger work I naturally gravitate towards? After much assessing and yes, some obsessing, I opted for 8″ x 8″ and then 12″ x 12″ wrapped canvass work. This past Tuesday was my first opportunity to present the work, not interspersed in an exhibit, but on a single display. I was one of 14 artists, the only fiber artist, participating in an art sale at our town’s community center.

I’m Watching You – 12″ x 12″ was the crowd favorite

How do I assess the experience? Well, it was absolutely a success if introducing my work and thread painting is any criteria. The most frequent comment was, “Wow! I’ve never seen anything like this before.” So, it seems my next step is to create a small works gallery on my website. Stay tuned.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

I spent most of my studio time this week working on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Why? Because a quick assessment of what I had accomplished and what still needed to be done for March, suggested this would be the best use of my time. I wanted to finish making all the “purple” blocks for my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. The upshot is, I did.

This is the latest blue print for my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

First, I needed to create more black and white strata to be cut up for the central strip. While I was it at it, why not make all the black and white strata I would need to finish the quilt. Done! I made just over 7 yards of the necessary strata. Now, that is project in itself.

Seven plus yards of black and white strata

Here is a sample grouping of the 3 different combinations of purple half square triangle blocks. The black and white strata framed in black provides unity no matter how the blocks are combined.

100% of the blocks using purple half square triangles are done.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Good for you! I think when people are new to textile art, a smaller piece is more comfortable to them. “Watching You” is a fabulous piece.

    1. Jenny, your comments always have me floating on cloud nine. Never did I expect to find myself creating a series of thread painting animals and portraits when I first discovered quilting and even after I took a class with Ellen Ann Eddy on thread painting. I am enjoying myself, though. Thank you for the thumbs up on “I’m Watching You.”

  2. Congrats on your PURPLE progress for the RSC, Gwyned, and kudos on the success of your art show efforts! It looks like you had a good selection of items from which to choose. The floral pieces are my favorite!

    1. Thank you for your positive words. I enjoy making the vases filled with flowers and garden scenes. I’m not a gardener, nor can I have cut flowers (Lola loves them a little too much 🙂 ). I do love both. So, this is my way of have flowers and in the home without a cat knocking over the vase and growing a garden without getting my hands dirty.

  3. Your display of small art pieces looks great. I’m sure having lots of local artists all coming together makes for a great event for the attendees to see various media and techniques.

    The HST blocks intrigue me each time I see them. The black and white strata is what makes them extra special.

    1. I spied a similar block layout and coloring on Pinterest and just knew it would make a fun RSC quilt. I’m glad it intrigues you as it does me. I was fortunate to have another artist loan me her panels. They really made the difference for my display.

  4. Bravo Gwyned, it looks like you and your work were the star of the show! You totally deserved the amazed comments, as the treatment of Lola is so wonderful. A gallery on your site sounds like a great idea!
    I also love your B&W strata, pretty mix of cute fabrics!
    Thank you for sharing this great show experience, and work in progress 😉

  5. oh my gosh! your display must have gathered so many visitors. Your introduction into painting with threads must have started a lot of talk too. That kitty! so detailed like all your work. Thoughtful. Yes to assess. I do that with art and with baking. What worked, what needs changing next time. My husband mistakenly thinks just doing something many times will make him better… I had to work to get his attention that repetition of a poor technique doesn’t make it better. LeeAnna

    1. Blind repetition just might secure difficult to break habits. However, repetition coupled with assessment and course correction directs growth. If I had a dollar for every person who said either, “I’ve never seen anything like that” or “How do you do that?” I could have gone out to dinner and taken the SEDOSO with me.

  6. Gwyned, I wish I could BE one of your cats, so I could hang out in your studio and watch you create these masterpieces. It is astounding what you are able to convey, both in realism and in emotion, with bits of fabric and thread. The eye and the fur patterns on that cat are unbelievable!! Since I can’t curl up on next to your sewing machine, reading your blog posts is the next best thing. You make me grateful for the Internet! 🙂

    1. Rebecca, you are welcome to hang out in my studio as a human or if you are reincarnated as one of my cats. Wouldn’t it be great if we could beam ourselves up into each other’s studios, because I would love to watch you at work on the long arm.

  7. I know I’ve told you before but I’ll say it again — love the black & white strata. It is so bold & beautiful with the black outlining it. This is a great idea and will work so well with the RSC strip blocks. I can see why the kitty project was a crowd favorite. I love it too!

    1. Sue, I’m so glad you are enjoying my 2024 RSC project. I wish I could say the unifying center strip is my idea, but I stole it from scrolling through Pinterest for RSC ideas.

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