Week in Review 2022 – 12/16


Vulnerability goes hand in hand with being artist. It is uncomfortable, scary and it has a flip side. Can you guess what that is? I believe allowing oneself to be vulnerable results in courage, self-confidence and even growth opportunities. Just typing that out feels very, very vulnerable.

My artist statement video for Arts North International

Half Empty

One way I open myself to being vulnerable is applying to calls for entry, especially calls I consider long shots. Why? Because my work will either be accepted or just as likely not included in the opportunity I am applying for. It feels like a rejection and because it is my art I am putting out there, it can feel soul crushing. The reality is more art is received for the type of calls I apply to than can possibly fit in the exhibit space. In fact, it is not unusual for 70% of the art submitted to the call to fall into the not included category. The vast majority of that art is just as good as the included. In other words I am in good company. Still I can feel bereft.

Celestial Celebration

Half Full

But wait! What’s that? I do receive positive reinforcement from putting myself out there. In fact, I have been accepted into two different exhibitions this month, both will open in January. What particularly excites, and leaves me feeling vulnerable, is both exhibitions are art and not fiber or quilt exhibitions. So, I am putting myself out there with, gulp, other artists. If that isn’t scary enough, the artists accepted into Arts North International – 2023 were asked to create a brief artist statement video. We are to introduce ourselves, say where we live and speak about our practice and/or piece in the exhibition. Talk about vulnerable. This is only my second attempt at creating a video. Clearly it will be a steep learning curve. My What’s Happening page has more about the exhibitions if you are curious.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge – time to add the binding

I continue to make slow steady progress on finishing my 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. The quilting is done. I’m nearly finished with the binding. Just have one more side and a bit to hand stitch to the back side. After that, I’ll add a hanging sleeve and label. Then it will be time for Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2023.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Congratulations on the two acceptances and making the artist’s statement video. It takes a lot to put yourself out there. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

    1. Pat, how good to hear from you. One of the reasons we opted to buy our home is because the prior and first owners were art collectors. They had the house built to accommodate their extensive collection. It works very nicely for an open studio.

  2. Congratulations on being accepted into two exhibitions, and on making a video. Not the simplest task, but you did great.
    I love Celestial Celebration, such a pretty sunset, and the quilting on RSC too.
    Thank you for sharing and linking up today!

  3. Gwyned, I’m in love with your Celestial Celebration piece. It is so calming, which really spoke to me during this hectic time of year. Your RSC project has been so enjoyable to watch every step of the way. It was so nice to watch and listen to your artist statement – it felt like “meeting” you. And the vulnerability part, wow. I was just talking to one of my friends this week about that very thing. He is an actor who has practiced his craft for 30+ years. He has had parts in TV series, movies, video games (!), shorts (winning awards at Sundance), and stage. I asked him how he handles the rejection, and he basically said what you did – you can’t take it personally. No one can be all things to everyone, and one must learn to accept that some roles (or art, whatever) aren’t a good fit for one of myriad reasons. You move on to the next challenge/audition and keep putting yourself out there. Personally, that is what I’ve never been good at. I’m content to just create in my own little sphere and pass the results (kids quilts, flower arrangement) on to others.

    Keep creating, dear Gwyned, and inspiring us!

    1. Cathy, your comment just appeared in my “trash” this afternoon (1/14/23). I apologize if it looks as I ignored such a gracious comment. Just as you were touched by Celestial Celebration I am touched by your positive feedback and support. It does take courage to put yourself out there. I can attest it is worth it.

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