Week in Review 2023 – 09/08

Busy Times

Busy times require deliberate pacing and planning. I’m not sure if I can point to a specific busy season with my work, but this could be it. I am a member of Cohasset Open Studios, a local group of 20 artists who open their studios the first weekend in November. My studio is in my house and my house is my gallery. To say life gets busy in the days leading up to the big event is an understatement.

Wrapped canvas quilts require wide borders.

So, guess what this busy artist agreed to do? I accepted the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in my neighboring town. It will be up for three months, opening on October 2, 2023. This means I am preparing for two solo exhibitions simultaneously. Yikes! What was I thinking?

This is the 8″ x 8″ portion of the quilt as it appears after the borders are wrapped around to the back.

Planning is Required

My inventory of quilts is both extensive and limited. The reality is I can only make so much new work in a year. Also, I don’t do my best work as deadlines loom near. So, I have opted to start by determining a focus theme for the solo exhibition and different theme for the open studio. The first will be predominately animals. The second will lean into water and skies. I also like to have a few new small works for open studios, since the price point allows for impulse purchasing.

It’s time to secure the flowers and pitcher.

Busy Creating

Pretty in Pink is finished! It measures 12″ x 12″ and will be wrapped around a canvas frame.

I am busy creating “fast” work for 8″ x 8″ wrapped canvases. Nothing is truly fast in my world, but I can pull together an 8″ x 8″ quilt or two in a week. Therefore, that is what I started doing once I finished Pretty in Pink. That piece will have pride of place at the open studio. I learned last year that my thread painting is a big attraction and conversation starter with visitors. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a commission or two. Clearly I thrive on being busy. 🙂

Pretty in Pink detail showing the thread work.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

My 2023 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt is finished. So now what? Between now and next January I should have quite a collection of possible RSCQs to choose from. Last week someone asked if I had a Rainbow Quilt Board on Pinterest where I stored my ideas. I didn’t. However, now I do. Since clearly I have time on my hands, I spent a delightful hour or two chasing down the Pinterest rabbit hole for rainbow quilts to spark my imagination. Isn’t this one a beauty?

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Pretty in Pink is a beauty! I love how the hat lets the eye focusing on her face. And this background! Charming! The star quilt looks fabulous, great idea for a RSC project.
    Have fun preparing two shows!
    Thank you for sharing 😉

    1. The does frame Ariana’s face nicely, doesn’t it? One of the reasons I selected the original photo to test my portrait thread painting skills. Always looking for good compositions.

  2. Hi Gwyned, fall does seem like your busy time, especially this year! Good luck with your exhibits. It sounds like you have it all under control 🙂

    1. Fortunately, this isn’t my first exhibition rodeo. 🙂 Also, I have help. My DH hangs all my work at home and will be the primary assistant hanging in the gallery. I could go on and extolling all of his help and support over the years. I have the support of the art center that is offering me the solo show to create the signage and do the marketing for that. In other words it isn’t all on my shoulders. Of course, I make the work.

  3. Oh how amazing to have two solo shows!! You will do amazing. I think that it is cool that you live in your art museum .. I bet there is always beauty around you.
    now that RSC – WOWZERS!!! that is quite stunning!!!

    1. To be fair, Alycia, my home is my home, but it has a wonderful open floor plan or the main floor and my studio is on the second floor with an overlook to the main floor. There is a lot of wall space to hang my work downstairs, upstairs and even along the stairs. My work is always up, I simply refresh it annually for the open studio. Isn’t that RSC a wowzer? I found it on Pinterest. Just one of a Baker’s dozen of inspiration quilts as I ponder what to make in 2024.

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