Week in Review 2022 – 12/23

Let the Celebration Begin

Let’s celebrate all things big and small. It’s the season of light. If you live in the northern hemisphere, as I do, then you know the importance of bringing light into your life as we cope with the short days and long nights. If you are fortunate enough to live in the southern hemisphere this time of year, then you may be out enjoying the sunshine. Either way, evergreens are featured, whether brought indoors or as part of the scenery.

A seasonal Zentangle.

One way I celebrate the end of each week is by doing a drawing. It makes for a creative break from my studio. I started this habit when I first heard about the 100 day project. Once I finished 100 daily drawings, I modified the project to be a bit more realistic and now create one drawing a week. I post these on my Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Celebrate Beginnings

These are actually two photos. On the left is the original and on the right is after I have done some thread painting. If you slide the arrows right or left it is a fascinating reveal.

OK, I barely need to celebrate beginnings. There is something heady when I decide on the next project. I can’t wait to begin. It is the middle that can feel onerous. However, I’m still on a natural high of settling on my next project. It is another thread painting of that diva, Lola. She will be auctioned off once more, this time for SAQA’s annual Spotlight Auction.

Quick draft of my background for Lola Bathed in Light

I like to liven things up with a bolder background. Once again, EQ 8 to the rescue! I was able to quickly draft a background, position where Lola will appear (center rectangle) and get the templates for piecing. Every piece in the spotlight auction is 4.5″ x 6.5″, although it may be oriented as a portrait or landscape. Clearly Lola is a portrait.:)

Celebrate Endings

My 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt is officially finished!

I’m doing a happy dance. It’s time to celebrate the official finish of my 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. Seasons greetings to you, too, Margaret. I’ve been thinking of you stay warm with your cats and knitting as the snow piles up outside. The slider feature just happened. I am delighted to have discovered it. It did far more than I thought it would. Too cool. 🙂

    1. Let’s just say the slider photo was a total surprise. I thought I was placing the two images side by side. It is a wonderful time of the year for a finish. A bit of the cleaning up before launching into the new year.

    1. I have fun designing my patterns on EQ8. Basically, I selected two compatible blocks and brought them together with the black corner triangles. I wanted to leave lots of white space to have fun with the quilting. Merry Christmas back at you.

    1. Thank you, Sylvia. Lola is the quintessential tiger cat. We think she is lovely. So, no surprise this is the third rendition of her in thread by me. Each on is a slightly different pose or location. Have a merry one yourself.

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