Week in Review 2024 – 07/05


Life is one challenge after another. At least that has been my experience. Admittedly, I am as likely to set my own challenges as I am to join a challenge organized by someone else. One of my self challenges is to stick with my yoga practice. Currently, I take classes via Peloton. One of my favorite instructors is Denis Morton. Why? Simple, they aren’t dependent on what I call the pretzel or handstand poses. I also like his tagline, “I make suggestions. You make decisions.” Great advice when it comes to challenges.

Aren’t our hydrangea gorgeous this year?

So what do these stunning hydrangea have to do with challenges? They were a “gift” that came with our current home. They bloomed our first year (2018) but have been a struggle ever since. I am not a gardener. I depend on the Senior Executive Director of Studio and Home Operations (SEDOSOHO) for that. However, I will do research and kibitz. There is nothing like succeeding at a challenge for a boost of confidence.

Sneak Peek

Celebrating July 4th with homemade strawberry shortcake.

While I am singing the praises of the SEDOSOHO, what do you think of what he made for our July 4th celebration? There are things in life that aren’t challenging. I had no problem eating my strawberry shortcake.

Studio Challenges

A few light blue and dark blue blocks laid out for fun.

A challenge I face in the studio is juggling the various commitments I have made to myself and others within the deadlines set. Normally, I tend to be done well enough in advance that it is easy for me to submit work within the necessary time frame. In fact, this is the first month I ever recall falling behind in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The good news is that I finished all 44 of the blocks containing light blue (June’s color) by July 2nd. I still haven’t started July’s color, aqua, other than to figure out what is needed. It’s early days, right?

Contemplation goes 3 D!

The instant I finished my light blue blocks, I moved on to Contemplation. This piece has been one challenge after another. The current issue is how to hang a piece that is 3D not just on the front side, but the back side, as well. SEDOSOHO to the rescue! The fact that the front arm is stuffed quite heavily, results in it protruding by approximately 1.5″ in the front and again in the back. Then there is distortion. Next week, I’ll share the back side to show how “we” teamed up to alleviate the distortion and found a hanging solution. Talk about challenging!

I’m looking forward to a less challenging week next week. How about you?

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  1. A wonderful post contemplating challenge. Yes it has been my experience that life is one challenge after another too. The large and the small. Beautiful Hydrangeas and I love that basket weave detail in the plate edging. It sounds like two heads sorted your Contemplation challenge nicely. I can’t let Tony read this post or else he will want a title update from “Hubby”. 😀

    1. No doubt you guessed the overtop title is tongue in cheek, but with affection. It actually pokes fun titles given where the SEDOSOHO worked prior to retirement. Seems half the company had director in their title but with modifications that could get quite lengthy.

      Yes, life is one challenge after another, plus overlapping challenges, isn’t it. I couldn’t resit sharing our hydrangeas and strawberry shortcake. Glad you enjoyed the post and the peek into my life beyond the studio.

  2. Good morning! Yes, your hydrangeas are glorious. I envy you them, as they aren’t exactly amenable to success here on the windy, drought-prone rolling prairie. I always associate them with the ones I admired when I visited my husband’s family in Vancouver, B.C. years ago. They grow very well there!

    Challenges? Keeping up with my Essentrics stretch for my tight, sometimes painful right shoulder and arm, usually aggravated by lawn mowing or snow shovelling. I find them boring but they do help with my mobility! Second challenge: working through lectionary readings to prepare a homily for church one or two Sundays a month. Third challenge: not just throwing everything else aside and spending the day quilting or knitting or stitching in the sunshine! 😉

    1. Hydrangeas feature in many yards along the Massachusetts coast. Nantucket is known for them. I’ve had hydrangea envy for years. So I was delighted to see that the original owners of our coastal home had planted them.

      Oh, the temptation to throw everything else aside and wallow outdoors (in your case) or in my studio (my case) to enjoy the process of creation. Helps melt away many of the challenges, at least temporarily.

  3. yes please to the strawberry shortcake. We just got ranier cherries so fresh and sweet
    life is one challenge after another for me…

    1. Too bad you don’t live closer. I’m more than willing to share the strawberry shortcake. Perhaps some cherries, too. I’m also a big cherry fan.

      Three cheers for challenges. They do lead growth.

  4. Hydangeas are spectacular this year and I will give you a little tip abut bringing them into the house. Try to cut them in the morning, strip off all the leaves. You can leave on the very small ones close to the flower. Cut up into the stem and put them in a container of very hot water, can even be boiling. Leave them in that water and your flowers will last a week or more.
    Your blues (flowers and fabrics) are wonderful!

  5. Ohhh, your hydrangea are looking spectacular!!! Ours have been really eaten down by the deer so far this year!?! No snowballs yet! We picked raspberries on the 4th this year. Your RSC blocks are looking fabulous! You are just on schedule for July! Looking forward to seeing your solution next week!

    1. I’m surprised the deer went after the hydrangea, Nancy. We have deer, too, but they prefer to snack on the hosta. So far, so good. Our deer population is being kept in check by coyotes. Fresh raspberries on the 4th sounds like perfection to me. Always good to hear from you.

  6. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I have hydrangea envy, too – we see amazing ones when we visit the Oregon Coast. I’m not sure how well they grow here in dry Colorado. The strawberry shortcake looks yummy! Glad you’re caught up on your June RSC blocks and figuring out the challenge of how to hang Contemplation!

    1. I understand. I’ve had hydrangea envy for years. Some climates are better than others. I feel very fortunate to live where hydrangeas thrive. Shhh! We worked out how to remove the most of the distortion and hang Contemplation this morning.

  7. You do great, dealing with challenges. I’m completely overwhelmed by work, everything is a challenge for me right now! I’m looking forward to see how you manage to hang Contemplation.

    1. I’m fortunate to be past the working and child rearing phase of my life. Of course, there are other demands on my life outside of the studio. I do recall how challenging it is to combine work and creative pursuits. Contemplation is currently hanging in the studio. The ‘simple” solution works.

  8. Great tip about the hydrangea cutting. I enjoyed reading about your take on challenges and I look forward to how you wrangled hanging Contemplation!

    1. Clearly, I will need to write a post about how I, well technically the SEDOSOHO, dealt with the distortion and protrusion issues with Contemplation. Not the most elegant, but functional.

      Glad you enjoyed the post, Terry. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I like that – I make the suggestions, you make the decisions!! Great ways to face challenges!!

    1. Yes, it’s a great line. Perfect for how I view creative challenges, such as RSC. There are rules that I think of as suggestions. Each participant can choose to do the color of the month, whether they will make blocks, a quilt, what patterns to use, etc.

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