Week in Review 2024 – 01/26

Close Enough

My mantra is close enough. It could be an aging/maturing thing. However, I am willing to embrace this philosophy as I exercise, work on learning Japanese and even in my artwork. There is something freeing about letting go.

SAQA Spotlight Auction

Lola is my quilt for SAQA’s Spotlight Auction. How am I letting go making Lola? Simple, I only have so many thread colors. So far I have selected 36 different threads and they still aren’t enough to capture every value and hue. Close enough, right? She does read as a cat and a tabby cat at that.

I hope to finish Lola’s portrait soon.

How About the Back

No, my bobbin thread doesn’t always match my top thread.

It is recommended that your bobbin thread should match your top thread. Mine does sometimes. However, many times I choose not to change my bobbin thread. The number one reason, to be honest, is simply because it is close enough. Yet, there are times when I purposefully choose to not to match my top and bobbin threads. This is especially true with thread painting when I want to blend two colors together. If you compare the front side of Lola to the back side of Lola you will see that so far, black only appears on the back side. Still, there are tiny, intentional speckles of black on the front side. I like how it gives the illusion of black hair interspersed between other hair colors.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Now that the green triangles are pieced I can add the central black and white sections.

I am also committed to keeping up with the 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. All 34 of my HST green triangles are complete. I am using the second half of January to add the black and white central sections of the block.

I’m taking a step back so I can take a step forward

I didn’t make as much progress as I hoped to this week. Still I did manage to cut just over 1,000″ of strips. Next I seamed the strips by size end to end. Finally, I started to seam the black and white strata together. Technically, my green sections are done, so I see this as “bonus” work. I’m calling it close enough.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Gwyned, you always make the lightbulbs flash and the fireworks go off inside my brain. First of all, oh my gosh, your tabby cat portrait is stunning — it looks more alive, more full of curiosity and wonder than the photograph. Second, intentional flecks of contrasting bobbin thread is just plain BRILLIANT. This piece is amazing!

    1. I’m blushing. I do try include my thought process/tips when I can in my posts. Precisely why I enjoy reading yours. You are so generous with your explanations of why you opted for this or that. I’m a firm believer in adding an “artistic” eye to my realistic work. If I wanted a photography, I work on my photography.

  2. You thread painting alway causes me to sigh in contentment. Especially ones of Lola. I just want to reach out and pet her. And your RSC project is amazing. Such wonderful fabrics!

    1. Judy, what a lovely comment. Lola gives me great joy. She is a very content cat. We snuggle together every evening. A time we both look forward. Nothing like 36 years of fabric collecting to build and rebuild the stash. 🙂

  3. I’m kind of a “close enough” quilter as well! But your Lola thread painting looks amazing to me – so close enough is a relative term, isn’t it?! You’re doing great keeping up with those RSC blocks, too.

    1. Yes, close enough is definitely a relative term. What I have learned from a scary number of decades quilting, is there is always room for growth. Also, I’m constantly blown away by other people’s skill and artistry. So, close enough is my way of letting go of comparisons. Thank you for your complimentary words.

  4. Amazing piece of art! Handsome Lola, she looks like our Tikkis, also called FOMO (Fear-Of-Missing-Out!). Love your quilt block too.

  5. Lola is beautiful!! Both the kitty and the portrait. Your RSC blocks are really cool too. Love how you’re bordering the blocks.

    1. We are rather partial to Lola. Happy to hear you think she is beautiful, too. I’m eager to learn what our next RSC color will be. Really, looking forward to when I have enough made in a variety of colors to start laying them out.

  6. Wow! I am blown away by Lola’s portrait, it’s so amazing. And I love your mantra of “close enough”. Perfectionism can lead to paralysis, where we don’t do anything because the pressure is too great. We are human, after all, even extremely talented humans like you!

    1. Yes, we are all humans. It took me a very long time to accept close enough as a mantra. Not just years, but decades. I am blushing from you most complimentary response. Thank you.

  7. Your thread painting is awesome! You caught the true likeness of your cat! Fun RSC block too. I need to finish off my green blocks so I am ready for February’s colour.

    1. I just read the latest RSC post more closely. No surprise, February is red. I’ve been spending time sorting through and “crumb” piecing my red scraps. Then it is back to working on Lola. So, pleased you like her portrait.

    1. Yes, 36 threads and possibly more to capture her eyes. Hope you find that bobbin thread tip helpful. I believe you have to understand the purpose behind the rules so you can break them to suit your needs.

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