Week in Review 2024 – 04/12


I am committed, or perhaps that could be, I should be committed. Although I have learned to say no to others and to myself, it is easy (now that is an understatement) to take on more than I can manage. This is especially noticeable when multiple commitments must be accomplished at the same time.

Here is a sampling of things I have opted to commit to:

  • Daily exercise,
  • Eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet,
  • Being there for friends and family,
  • Writing a weekly post, and
  • Working in my studio three days a week.

In a prior post I committed to adding a new gallery to my website focused on my small wrapped canvass artwork. I am far from being done. However, I have cropped three more images since last week. That gives me six done.


Slide the arrow left and right to see before and after images of Sue

What’s up with the blue painter’s tape? There are times when I prefer to use painter’s tape versus pins. I do this for many reasons. The primary reason with Sue is because her flesh is thread painted. It is relatively easy to insert a pin perpendicular to the piece. It is a near impossible task to thread a pin parallel to the piece. This is because thread painting is so densely packed it is almost as stiff as cardboard. The second reason… it helps me avoid stabbing myself as I work. 🙂

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

It’s April. Therefore, I am committed to creating the yellow blocks. I focused on the dark yellow blocks this week.

Remember the star I promised?

Here’s the star in fabric. I still need to add the pale yellow half square triangles. I will attack that next week. You have my commitment.

A star is born.

I’m linking up to the following posts:

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Hi Gwyned, you really take your commitments at heart – it can be so difficult. Your Rainbow Scrap Challenge is coming along nicely. I love those intersections within the blocks. Thanks for sharing your painter’s tape trick – that is very useful to know. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. oooo love this, your focus goals, your approach to them, the painter’s tape, the yellow project is so dynamic in each colorway…

    1. I was wondering whether anyone would comment on the painters tape. It does need to reapplied because of all the manipulation needed to work on quilting Sue’s pants. Tempted as I was to do the satin stitching around the perimeter first, I wanted Sue to be able to expand so that only small or no puckers (in my dreams) appear. So far, so good. You and I do appreciate a nice pop of color.

  3. I love watching the progress on Sue. It is so fun to watch week by week. You are doing a marvelous job!

    1. Thank you, Sue. It can feel like quite the slog. Especially, since I’ve needed to interrupt working on Sue to meet other obligations. It feels so close and yet… I’m grateful you are enjoying Sue’s progress.

  4. Your daily and weekly commitments are quite reasonable. Working on a new gallery for your blog can be very time consuming, not just cropping the photos, but also considering the general layout. Well done with Sue, and great tip about the tape 😉 I love the yellow star, and the black and white strings that bind the ensemble together.
    Thank you so much for sharing your work in progress!

    1. How reassuring, Frédérique. There are times when my commitments feel a tad out of control. I’m glad you find the painter’s tip useful. It is something I simply stumbled on because I had the tape in my studio. Now I use it frequently. I always enjoy seeing what you are working.

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