Week in Review 2023 – 06/30


You must dream to make art. Each piece begins with a belief. It doesn’t matter whether you create inspirationally, have a detailed plan or fall somewhere in-between. It all begins with a dream.

How Does Your Garden Grow? will look similar to this when it is finished.

How it Began

January is the start of a new a new year. It is a time to dream. It is also the beginning of many quilting and art challenges. One of these is the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Since it is winter in the northern hemisphere, January is also a great time to plan a garden. The garden I planned is fabric one. 🙂

Three tulip blocks combined resulting in a 16″ H x 12″ W block.

Eager to Move Forward

What can I say? After six months of piecing my garden I find myself eager to finish up. So, when I read that July’s color will be red, I was in. I made the tulip blocks. Only one color left for How Does Your Garden Grow? Could I? Should I? The dream of finishing up was so palpable I couldn’t resist. I completed the “easy” yellow block. Next week I will finish the last block and assemble the top. Is this a pipe dream? I don’t believe so.

I used my bonus time to work ahead on yellow blocks. Here’s the first one.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Another row of flowers is complete. Yippee!

Check it out. Another row is done. I’m having too much fun to stop now. Of course, I’m already dreaming about the next steps. It is one thing to finish the pattern I drafted, quite another to finish the quilt.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. Thank you, Cassandra. It is fun to see how using scraps changes the pattern a tad. It feels both softer and more vibrant to me. So, energy from scraps is spot on.

  1. Your flower garden quilt is beautiful! She’ll be wonderful as a bed quilt for summer but even better in the winter. Happy stitching!

    1. Yes, it would make a lovely bed quilt. Although I wouldn’t say floral is conscience design choice in our bedroom, they tend to crop up in the art. It could work quite well there.

  2. Your red tulips are delightful! Sometimes you get to a point with a project where you just have to set everything else aside and finish “this one.” Looking forward to seeing garden all together!

    1. Diann, you do understand. I know I she be pursuing fall crunch time deadlines, but how can resist pushing forward with How Does Your Garden Grow? It’s just so compelling to work on.

  3. Oh, I agree completely, Gwyned. We must dream to create art, knowing full well that some projects can turn into nightmares 😀 Have a fun weekend!

    1. Pretti, you know me well. I do tend dream in ways that bring on new technical skills. Nightmares are make for great learning opportunities. They just don’t feel that way at the time.

  4. Your garden is really thriving! Pretty red tulips, and I love this extra yellow bud. I can’t wait to see how you will quilt it!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up.

    1. You have me laughing, Frédérique. I can’t wait to see how I will quilt it, too. My current plan is to keep things simple and matchstick quilt the background. If I use a wool batting this will allow the flowers to pop up and be front and center. Of course, with quilting weeks and maybe even months away, my brain may present more compelling ideas.

  5. Your garden looks spectacular – so many colors and so many different flowers. Not a weed in between either! Have fun finishing this one up!

    1. You are kind, Alycia. The top is coming together. Still feels like a pipe dream since I have no idea about things like borders, backing, etc. Not unusual when I get to this point in the project.

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