Week in Review 2022 – 08/05

Finding Balance

Do you have difficulty finding balance between life’s demands, your needs and your wants? It seems no matter how many systems I put in place or how powerful my good intentions are, there will always be times when my life tips off kilter. Just one more reminder of the saying, “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making plans.”

The two blocks are side by side. The one on the left features and 8 pointed star and the one on the right has a ladder or braid effect. Both are made from fabrics ranging from a pale orange sherbert to a deep sunset orange.
My two orange blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge are finished.

Studio Time is a High Priority

My plans each week are to devote Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to working in my studio. Admittedly, it is a very rare week when I manage to spend the full day, without being disrupted by a meeting or other obligation, on all three days. However, I am fairly good at balancing my priorities and getting a decent amount of studio time in. I have learned to be creative with time and assertive about what I will or won’t schedule on my sacrosanct studio days.

Helping my granddaughters with their first “adult” sewing project in my studio. They made scrunchies.

Well, life happened this week and the schedule shifting demands kept on encroaching on my studio time. I was incapable of navigating a path to balance. So be it. My days were chock full of family visits, rare because everyone lives an hour or more away and multiple SAQA meetings required as a Board member and officer. Time to take the long view. It is by looking over the year that peak weeks filled with interruptions may be viewed as rare and I can see how many weeks of solid studio time I am gifted with. In truth, I need it all. My family, SAQA and friends are my community. I am grateful for my overall balance, even if I can feel close to the tipping point at times.

Studio, Family & Community Balance

I accomplished three studio/art items this week. First up, was my personal commitment to making a my orange blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I only needed two and they are both done! Second, I helped my granddaughters, aged 8 and 10 with their very first sewing project involving “adult” tools. They are very proud of their scrunchies. Finally, SAQA’s annual benefit auction is around the corner. This a key fund raiser for the organization and underscores its mission to promote the art quilt. There are 430 12″ x 12″ art quilts in the auction made by SAQA’s global members. I was thrilled to see that my submission, Lola on the Stairs, features heavily in the promotion.

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  1. Your Lola on the Stairs is gorgeous! I’m not surprised that they are featuring it. I feel bad that I missed the deadline. Hopefully next year….

    1. Norma, you are very kind. I had so much fun making this piece. OK, it was a mix of fun and hair pulling. I struggled to get the perspective correct on the stairs. Fortunately, the perimeters of the Benefit Auction don’t vary from year to year. So, when the right subject matter presented itself I simply made my piece ahead of schedule.

  2. You have beautiful granddaughters and a beautiful cat. Can’t wait for the auction to start.

    1. You will see the blocks together, but not until late in October or most likely November. There are two more colors for me to piece in the challenge. Then it is time to combine the blocks. I’m contemplating whether to add a pieced border. Need to play with that. I do have a couple ideas. Thanks for the kind words, Kat.

  3. Oh my – I was enchanted by your orange blocks and tickled by you introducing your granddaughters to the wonders of a sewing studio. But Lola on the Stairs totally made my day! It’s so … beyond-words-beautiful! Do keep us posted on the SAQA auction! (BTW, did you know that you’re a “no reply blogger”? )

    1. I’ll work my backwards on your comment, Cathy. Yes, I opt not to receive a reply to my replies. I expect Lola on the Stairs will feature in my weekly post right through her purchase. The SAQA Benefit Auction is a reverse auction. Each day the price is set and it comes down the following day. Wait too long and you may miss out. 🙂 I shared your kind comment with Lola, a frequent studio/study companion. I’ve been holding back teaching my granddaughters to sew eager as I am to have someone to share my passion with me. There are so many hazards in the studio. I never realized how many simple safety precautions I take. Those girls had to be watched with hawk eyes to avoid trips to the ER.

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