Week in Review 2024 – 02/09


It’s finished when you can stick a fork in it. This is what my aerobics teacher said at the end of each class. True, my exercise for the day is done. However, finishing one item on your to do list doesn’t translate to finishing all items on that list. It is good to relish the moment though. Isn’t that one of the reasons for writing blog posts?

SAQA Spotlight Auction

Lola is the inspiration for my quilt for SAQA’s Spotlight Auction. I finally named the thread painting, True Love. Isn’t that what we feel for our cats and they for us? Hurray! I finished True Love. In addition, it is making its way to SAQA’s shipping in time for the auction.

Hurray! It’s a finish.

You don’t have to be a member of SAQA to bid on my piece or any of the other 300 plus artworks in the auction. Every piece is 8″ x 6″. They are professionally matted with a white mat. I will post more details closer to the auction.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

My 2024 RSC quilt layout

I don’t know what I would do without my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge Quilt pattern. Well, actually, I do know. I would be making random blocks hoping things would all come together in the end. Not my style. I am far too methodical for that.

I finished 100% of the red paired with green blocks!

At the start of each month I count up the number of blocks featuring the month’s assigned color. February is red. I need 3 red and blue combo blocks. Done! There are 16 red and green combo blocks. I finished those, too. Crikey! Apparently, this quilt requires 51 red blocks combined with colors other than blue or green. Seems I have my work cut for me this month if I want to finish all the red half blocks.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Gwyned, I have been reading and reading to catch up with you and your work. Lola is just adorable. I am sure she will be snapped up at the auction and loved by her new owner. Your work is just amazing to me. The detail you put into this small piece is fantastic.
    Your RSC project is coming along fantastic.
    Thank you for posting – even tho I am not commenting too much, I am reading!!

    1. You can say that again, Mary. What was I thinking? Good thing I got a head start in 2023. I did the dark blue HSTs and some of the black and white central strips done in December. Hearing from you is my inspiration. Thanks!

  2. Had to show Lola to my cat loving Hubby! He was pretty amazed. Wow! he said, several times!

    I was intrigued by your 2024 RSC quilt layout! Fabulous and necessary!

    1. Judy, thank you for sharing Lola with your cat loving husband. Mine is besotted with her, too. 🙂 Every week I think I will do a recap post on my 2024 RSC quilt. The colored pencil plan helps me, but I wonder how clearly others can imagine how it will come to fruition. Still half the fun is watching something materialize from nothing.

  3. Lola is beautiful, both in her picture and in fabric! Great plan for the RSC blocks! I’m more hit/miss and see how the blocks work out at the end of the year! LOL

    1. Isn’t great that we can all approach quilting a way that suits our temperament. I’m in awe of quilters like you who approach the RSC by making a random of number of blocks, checking out how many they have at the end of the year and filling in gaps or even carrying them forward into the next year. The result one or many stunning finishes each year. We think Lola is a keeper. She has shared our home for 13 years.

  4. Hi Gwyned! WOWEE! What a fabulous tribute to Lola. The detail and care you took show in her likeness. My goodness, it’s as if she is looking in a mirror. I am impressed with your plan for this year’s RSC challenge. I would never think to approach it in that manner. You’ve blown my mind and opened it excitingly today. Thank you for that! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you Roseanne. I had fun stitching this iteration of Lola. This is the first time I adjusted in the image using Photoshop Elements in order to get a subtly different coloration. Yes, I’m a planner. Fits my personality.

    1. Yes, the plan helps. Each new month I count the “number” of blocks for the given color and check them off as I go. Perhaps I will share my storage system in a future post. It is very rudimentary at the moment.

  5. Wow, True Love is gorgeous! I love Lola’s face, it’s stunning how you’ve brought this photo to life with thread. Her eyes are beautiful and captivating. Love these red RSC blocks too!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Oh, Frédérique, thank you. I wanted to have fun with the eyes, capturing both the natural green and how it was altered via Photoshop Elements. My procedure for creating the assigned color sections of my RSC is a definite learning process. Lots of experimenting and intuitive piecing going on in order to both save time and achieve a scrappy look. Glad you like them.

  6. Amazing thread painting!!! You certain caught the emotion of love and admiration. And what a great plan of the RSC. Hang in there on all those reds. There’s still plenty of time in February. I haven’t started mine for February yet…

    1. What a lovely thing to say, Nancy. We do read emotion into our pet’s gaze, don’t we? Thank goodness I still have a couple weeks left to make my red blocks. The reality is if I fall behind does it really make a difference? They will get done eventually. One of the reasons I love those final two months each year to finish up.

  7. What a beautiful finish! Yes, I do think it shows the love we have for our cats. They are truly beautiful and interesting creatures and your work shows that. How neat to work out your quilt plan like that too. Such wonderful work you do Gwyned!

    1. Good to hear from you, Jocelyn. I know you are an animal lover, so get the pet love aspect of True Love. I couldn’t function without a plan. At the same time, my plans never include actual fabrics, just direction for what goes where. This way I have fun with the process.

  8. It’s hard to tell the difference between Lola and the thread painted image you have created. Simply gorgeous! I like your RSC plan too. Lots of scraps will be put to good use in this project.

    1. That’s the goal, Gail. Of course, I take a few liberties since I only have so many threads to work with. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving such a generous comment. Thank you!

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