Week in Review 2022 – 09/16

Why Plan?

Where should I focus my energy? The maxim failure to plan is planning to fail keeps running through my head. Why? I’m betwixt and between once more. One of the advantages of deadlines is they help to narrow down the choices. Nevertheless, I find myself second guessing myself. My tendency is to over prepare just in case.

To Meet Deadlines

The highland steer now stands amongst buttercups and tufts of grass.

How many new small pieces should I spend time making for November’s Cohasset Open Studios? No idea. This is my second open studio. Unlike some open studios where the studios are along a street or in a building with numerous studios, Cohasset studios are scattered throughout my small town of just over 6,500 residents. There are 18 artists who will be participating with me. Most of us have studios on our property. I live at one end of the town and not where other artists are clustered. I am also relatively new and therefore unknown locally.

A beige vase, sporting two giraffes is set on an animal print table cloth. The vase is filled with yellow, orange and pink flowers, mostly mums.
One of the 8″ x 8″ pieces for November’s Cohasset Open Studios?

Last year I focused on making 8″ x 8″ works. Several sold. This year I will make five new 8″ x 8″ pieces (four are done) and three 12″ x 12″ in my new thread painted series. My hope is to garner some commissions in the thread painted series. I can imaging threading painting cherished pets, family members and even homes. What would you commission and for what occasion if money were no object?

SAQA’s Benefit Auction Continues

Lola on the Stairs is the piece I donated to SAQA’s annual Benefit Auction.

SAQA’s Benefit Auction continues. Lola on the Stairs was not purchased on diamond day for $1,000. Sigh. Of course, only 10 pieces out of 432 were bought at that price so I wasn’t really surprised. However, it is Lola’s big week, starting on Monday, September 19th at 2 pm ET she is officially on the auction block once more. The price on Monday is $750 and if not purchased within 24 hours the price drops and does so every day for the remainder of the week until Saturday when anything left in section 2 can be purchased for $100.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

My second indigo blue made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is an opportunity to take a break, return to my traditional quilting roots and knock out a few blocks. I’m purposefully working ahead in hopes to have this year’s top done in time to share during Cohasset Open Studios.

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  1. I also find the RSC project gives me a lovely way to step away from big projects and deadlines. I love just making a few blocks at a time each month – and then suddenly there are enough for a whole quilt.

  2. Your highland steer looks great in the grass, lovely French knots all around. I hope Lola will be sold quickly, she is a beauty.
    Pretty new RSC block too!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up.

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