Week in Review 2024 – 03/15


Are you goal oriented? I know I am. Although, I do try to enjoy the journey. The best compromise for me is to think of the interim steps towards the ultimate goal, a completed quilt for example, and let each step be the goal. Therefore, I can feel successful even when there is a long way to go before I finish.


Last week’s progress compared to this week’s progress. (Slide the arrows right and left to see the difference.)

I did it. I cut Sue from her printable fabric background. She is now ready, when I am ready, to add her to her new background. Goal attained! First, I want to quilt the background. TIP/HINT it is much easier and likely to look better, to free motion quilt an open space versus work your way around an element that won’t be quilted. Therefore, I need to create the quilt sandwich. Before that I require backing.

It is fun reviewing my stash for fabric to use on the back side of a quilt.

One continuous goal of mine is to minimize my stash. So, I rarely have the perfect fabric in the right size for a back. No problem, I simply piece one. Love the dramatic swirls and how the colors go so well with Sue. Next week’s goal is to at least create the quilt sandwich and start the quilting.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

It is rare to have only one goal, right? I need to finish making all the “purple” blocks for my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

This is the latest blue print for my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

Last week I made the 36 purple half square triangles I will need. This week I started combining those with the already made blue and red half square triangle blocks. I am proud to say the 18 blue/purple combo and the 2 red/purple combo blocks are done. Next week I will attack the purple only blocks. At least that is the goal.

I am working on the “purple” blocks. Here purple is added to some partially finished blue and red blocks.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Sue is so interesting! I hope you find the right backing so you can start the quilting.

    I am goal oriented, at least I think I am. I try to stay focused on the project I’m working on at the moment and not be enticed by squirrels.

    1. So true, Angela. Not sure when I started doing pieced backings. I do recall one of my first, in the early ’00’s. It was inspired by leftover blocks from a trip around the world quilt.

  2. Sue is amazing, you do such great work. I love pieced backings too and I think yours for Sue is perfect. I can’t remember when I started to make pieced backings. It was about ‘why can’t I use what I have and reduce my stash’?! Nowadays I buy backing fabric only if there’s no other option.

    1. How generous of you to say, Astrid. Clearly you and I are aligned with the why bring in more fabric if you already have fabric that will do. I do like to make sure my backing speaks to the front of the quilt.

  3. Of course we have many goals. File taxes, take down the Christmas tree, purge one closet, review that report and make bacon. In a good week, two might get done, others get pushed down the line and if I am lucky I will not get so stressed as to wake up at 3:00 in the morning, thrice a week. So yes I have goals. Of course, I am a planner (really it is my day job). But then life 😀
    I love how Sue is taking shape, few stitches at a time. Thank you for sharing your process. I am in awe!

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