Week in Review 2023 – 07/07

I am Grateful

I am grateful is the statement I begin every day with, at least on paper. This is because I start each day by gratitude journaling. I fill two handwritten pages starting every paragraph with the words I am grateful. Once I have penned these words, I complete the statement with stream of conscience thoughts related to the gratitude point until it leads to the next I am grateful for idea.

The sunflower head is done. Boy was this one diabolical to piece.

Inch by Inch

Time to add the flowerhead to its stem.

I am grateful for completing the sunflower this week. I had no idea how tricky this one would be. Why so problematic? Well, piecing parallelograms is not my strength, especially when combined with the mirror image required for paper piecing and fabric with front and back sides.

Next I add the sunflower to its neighboring bud. It measures 16″ H x 12″ W.

Now that the sunflower is finished I can join it to the yellow bud block made last week. They look a little wonky, but I am OK with that. Each flower in a garden is unique, right? That is something to be thankful for.

Row by Row

Yippee! I assembled the top row.

I am pleased to have reached a point with my quilting that I don’t sweat perfection. So what if points are snipped or seam lines are off a tad. The top row is done and that is good news. I can move on to assembling the quilt.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Slide the arrows right and left to compare the pattern (on the left) to the completed quilt top.

When I designed How Does Your Garden Grow? I purposefully included colors assigned in the Rainbow Challenge. Experience gives me the confidence to know it would work, but how? Scrap fabrics force creative solutions and provide unexpected outcomes. Isn’t that the fun of making quilts?

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. Ah, just diabolical for me to piece. A few more try again moments with the piecing than I would like. Thank you for stopping by and enjoying the sunflower.

  1. Wow, the sunflower is wonderful! I love the subtle crown around the yellow center, it looks like an aura. The three rows are lovely all together!

    1. You are the best, Frédérique. Thank you, once more. You deserve major kudos for getting into European Patchwork. That is quite an honor. Will you be able to attend?

  2. This is so gorgeous, Gwyned. I love how your flowers incorporate some very pale pastels that nearly fade into your background fabric — it softens the hard edges of the patchwork seams and gives so much dimension.

    1. Plans are to soften things a bit more by adding thread painted insects, such as bumblebees, ladybugs and butterflies. If anyone can take a simple project and turn it complex that would be me. You have a such a great eye for design, Rebecca. It is so helpful to get your input.

  3. The block does look diabolical to piece, but oh my goodness how beautiful your sunflower block is. This quilt is going to be stunning.

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