Week in Review 2023 – 02/03

Half Way There

Is your glass half full or half empty? The reality is the same. It is all a matter of perspective. As an artist not only do I do the work of creating, but I am my boss and coach. Therefore, I work hard at quieting the self doubt, insecurity and other negative self talk. Seeing my glass as half full is a key element of preserving through complex and technically difficult work.

Pillars of Creation as viewed through the James Webb telescope is the inspiration for my Fierce Planets entry. It will be pieced in my signature style of abstract realism. The working title is In the Beginning.

Thank goodness I pushed hard on piecing In the Beginning last week. Why? Simple. Because I had other priorities and commitments to focus on this week. So, a half full moment for me. I could have dwelled on a lack of studio time. Instead, I celebrate my ability to plan my week both in and out of the studio, allowing me to do it all.

In the Beginning as it appears now that the first 5 rows are pieced.

Project Quilting

This past Sunday, the third Project Quilting prompt was shared. The first two were a piece of cake. Therefore, I was confident this one would be just as easy to whip up. Whoops. Not so fast, madam half full. 🙂 The prompt for PQ 14.3 (Project Quilting 14th season, third prompt) is the traditional block 54 – 40 or Fight.

54 – 40 or Fight is the red, orange and white block. I made a few simple modifications to create the second purple and yellow block. Shout out to EQ 8 because it saves me oodles of drafting time. Note how by alternating the two blocks rings, similar to a Double Wedding Ring quilt are formed.

What in the world would I do with this prompt, especially given the fact that from prompt to finished quilt is a mere 7 days. I was tempted to make the above, but with a compatible palette. I knew from experience 7 days wouldn’t be long enough for me to piece, quilt and finish it. Experience gave me half full confidence, though. I focused on the inner ring and pieced that. Half way there. I still have the quilting and finish work to do. Guess what I will be working on this afternoon.

Project Quilting 14.3 is quite the challenge and I didn’t make easy on myself. The “quilt” measures 12″ x 12″ and that means each one of the squares is 1″ x 1″. This is a true mini quilt. It still needs to be quilted.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Before I started PQ 14.3 I spent time making the first of my two February pink flowerhead blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge color for February is pink. There are two pink flowers in How Does Your Garden Grow. This is the first one.

I am optimistic that next week I will share the second pink flowerhead block, a finished PQ 14.3 quilt and another In the Beginning progress photo. I will go from half full to full up and it will be time to start filling up my next glass.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Hi Gwyned, your “In the beginning” piece is stunning. I like what you’re doing for the Project Quilting – it was just too much piecing for me – maybe the next one!

    1. There was a time mid-week, Andrée, when it was feeling like too much piecing for me. Still I am grateful I persevered. Not sure it was worth the effort, but I can tick off a finish. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    1. I am enjoying the process, at least most of the time, Gretchen. I enjoy translating photographs into fabric with a heavy dose of artistic license. Thank you for the positive feedback.

    1. Yes, PQ 14.3 wasn’t easy. Thank goodness I have decades of experience in precision piecing and pattern tweaking. Even so, it took more time than I expected. Aren’t all quilting projects like that? Thank you, Judy for sharing your thoughts.

  2. What an incredible piece of work “In the Beginning” is going to be! I’m impressed that you managed progress on it, as well as on the PQ14.3 AND the PINK block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Well done!

    1. We will just have to see how next week plays out. Fortunately, it is an PQ off week and my second RSC block is only needs a little more work. Fingers crossed I can manage the 6th row of In the Beginning. Thank you for the encouragement.

  3. I love your mini quilt, it was a great idea to choose to piece the center of your EQ preps. Beautiful pink flower too!
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up these pretty projects.

    1. I wanted to take a different approach to the RSC this year. So I designed a “rainbow” garden. Won’t be making as many blocks each month. I should have a fun, fanciful quilt to share at the end of the year. Thank you, Helen for your generous words.

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