Week in Review 2023 – 01/27


I am not drawn to HIIT (high intensity interval training). Instead I am more of a low, steady and focused type. I could also be described as plodding and methodical. It works for me, especially when tackling a piece based on the Pillars of Creation.

Pillars of Creation as viewed through the James Webb telescope is the inspiration for my Fierce Planets entry. It will be pieced in my signature style of abstract realism. The working title is In the Beginning.

Yet, this week I found myself in HIIT mode, much to my surprise. Last week I finished creating row #3. I had set myself a pace of one row per week and I was on target. Why pick up the pace? Well, when I get obsessed about a piece I am working on it is possible I go into overdrive.

Most of rows #4 and #5 from In the Beginning are complete. Just 4 more blocks to go.

Rest Between Activity

Each In the Beginning row is 12 blocks wide. Usually, I can create them row by row. That isn’t the case with row #4 and #5. I won’t bore you with the details, but it has to do with incorporating the star block. Blow me away, I actually made 20 blocks this week. I did take breaks for a meeting and minor medical procedure. In other words, just as in HIIT, I had periods of rest.

In the Beginning currently measures 22.5″ x 55″.

Persevering Through Uncertainty

It’s time to look at what I have accomplished. This is when uncertainty creeps in. Is it working? Did that period of HIIQ (high intensity interval quilting) help or hinder me? The best solution I have found for times like this is simply to persevere through the uncertainty.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

All my dark blue blocks are done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I wonder what February’s color will be?

The first block for my 2023 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt is pieced.

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    1. Helen, now I know to read those RSC posts more carefully. I found the pink reference. Excellent. This way I can start my RSC February blocks this weekend. Thank you for the tip and compliment. 🙂

  1. I am loving how your In the Beginning piece is developing. This will be a fun piece to watch! I’m sure it will be (*cough*) stellar! And you should have fun with the pink flowers for your RSC project!

    1. Love the pun, Catherine. I’m glad you enjoying watching it progress. Not sure how far I will get with In the Beginning next week. Need to crank out PQ14.3. The inspiration will be unveiled on Sunday. I checked my How Does Your Garden Grow blue print. I have two pink blocks, twice the size of the blue buds. Fortunately, as you saw I did nearly two weeks of work in one week on In the Beginning, so I am on track to finish by deadline. Phew!

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