Week in Review 2022 – 11/18

Maintaining An Art Practice

My 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge piece is all set to quilt.

It takes a creative a mind, a healthy body and passion to maintain an art practice. I focus on all three through out my week, week after week.

Creative Mind

I started in the middle with the lime green blocks.

I confess one way I maintain a creative mind is playing games. I tend not to follow trends, so I don’t start my day with Wordle. I do challenge myself to The New York Times mini crossword puzzle. Love how crossword clues encourage non-linear thinking. I subscribe to Pogo.com. This service must have more than 50 games and they provide daily, weekly and even monthly challenges. Since I love a good challenge, it forces me to try games I might not try otherwise. I come back for the variety and novelty.

Healthy Body

Time to quilt the yellow blocks

Just as I play a variety of games, I do a variety of activities to maintain a healthy body. Working in a studio requires flexibility, stamina and even muscles. I exercise before I hit the studio. Today the Senior Executive Director of Studio Operations and I did one of our regular 90 minutes walking circuits. This provides fresh air, a chance to chat and natural exercise. When the weather makes such a walk difficult, I turn to a variety of online classes, such as yoga, barre and even strength training.


A hint of the yellow quilted block beside the one of the lime green blocks

How do I fuel my passion? Honestly, I barely have to work at this. If I were asked do you make art to live or live to make art, I might just answer yes. Creating art, for the most part, is a solitary practice. This suits me. However, without external input I can imagine my passion fizzling. Therefore, I make it a point to join groups of artists who meet regularly. I also read about art, watch documentaries about art and go to exhibitions. I simply gravitate to all things art related and my passion is naturally maintained.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Now you see the quilting and now you don’t.

I began quilting my 2022 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt this week. I was tempted to do a loose all over mid-size stippling pattern using a variegated thread in rainbow colors. Why? Because it is easy and fast. However, if you know me, easy and fast aren’t in my art practice vocabulary. Instead, I have opted to do rainbow arcs in each of the featured color sections. So, this means thread changes. Sigh!

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. Thank you, Norma. Yes, my plan is to quilt in the white sections and the black diamonds. The current plan is to FMQ leaves on vine in the white sections and a rose in the black diamonds.

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