Week in Review 2023 – 12/22

Moving On

I am moving on. Don’t panic, I am continuing with my artwork. The reality is that there are many steps to creating a piece of art. They take the time that they take. It feels good to move on to the next phase.

Thread Painting Sue

Moving on requires looking back. My reference photo is always close at hand. I have zero interest in replicating reality. Instead I prefer to capture the essence of what I see. I use the photo as a guide to capture form, scale, highlights and shadows. Simplification is key.

I am moving on to thread painting Sue’s body, starting with her right hand.

Now that the appliqué is done I am able to move on to thread painting again. I enjoy the change. There is something uplifting and hopeful when starting a new phase of the process. My timing is perfect. I begin thread painting during the Winter Solstice with its promise of each new day adding a hint more light.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

When I am not working on Sue, I am working on my 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. I am sewing the “dark blue” blocks now. Would you believe 50 blocks include dark blue?

Only 4 of the 50 blocks have blue in both the string triangles. The remaining 46 blocks are half blue and half one of the other “rainbow” colors.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Without a bit of light here and there — in our world and in our creating — we could never appreciate or begin to understand the power of the dark. The white around those Rainbow Challenge blues brings out their special beauty!

    1. I usually work on one “major” project at time. However, I am finding I enjoy working on these two because they are so different from each other in appearance, technique and skill level. I’m glad your having fun watching them develop.

  2. Very interesting the way you’re adding the RSC color in the string blocks. I’m very curious to see how wonderful this will end up. Your Sue Threads looks great. I’m not sure I have the “eye” or the patience to do that but I sure appreciate the look. So real!

    1. I’m cautiously optimistic about how the string blocks will work out. I have quite a few scraps covering the full rainbow spectrum. Unfortunately, most are irregular scraps. I’m hoping to turn the scraps into long strips of varying widths by color. If I actually string piece the colored sections there is more waste than I want. I’m thinking of creating strata, instead, and cutting out HST in a V^ system. We shall see…

      Sue, the eye comes with practice of both technique and years of observing. Don’t count yourself out yet. No doubt your eye is stronger than you imagine.

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