Week in Review 2022 – 09/23

What is Old

What is old is new again. So true. I see it time and time again the older I get. It seems each new generation is destined to discover what was novel to the previous generation and perhaps add their own flair.

If you ever played with Tangrams as a child, then you are familiar with the basic shapes used in many traditional (old) and contemporary (new) quilting block patterns. Quilters refer to the bisected on the diagonal square as HST or half square triangles.

Is New Again

No matter when you start quilting accuracy is key. Could it be 30 years ago that I prepared a helpful guide for students titled Triangles Can Be Tricky? Ask 10 quilters for their tip on how to accurately piece triangles and you might just get 10 different answers. What are the pitfalls to avoid? Basically, triangles are cut on the bias. Anything sewn on the bias is ripe for distortion. Therefore, if you cut HST to the exact size initially, then sew two triangles together, no matter how careful you are, chances are the resulting square will be wonky. I recommend measure, cut, sew and then finish by squaring up the unit.

Begin by determining the finished size of your square unit. This is 2″ (5 cm) in my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. Add 1″ (1.5 cm). Measure and cut a 3″ (6.5 cm) square from two contrasting fabrics. Cut each square on the diagonal. Then with right sides together, carefully stitch a 1/4″ (0.6 cm) seam. Iron the seam open. Then using a square up ruler trim the square unit to 2.5″ (5.6 cm). Voila! A perfect square unit with seam allowance. One disclaimer if you use centimeters as your standard you may need to vary the measurements slightly depending on the rulers you use and the quilting foot your sewing machine comes with.

It’s hard to believe my old is still new. HST abound in Modern Quilts. So do the traditional blocks modern quilters are discovering and making their own.

SAQA’s Benefit Auction Continue

Lola on the Stairs is the piece I donated to SAQA’s annual Benefit Auction.

The SAQA Benefit Auction never grows old since every year contains a whole new collection of 12″ x 12″ quilts. SAQA’s Benefit Auction continues. Lola on the Stairs sold this week. She is traveling across the country to her new residence in Albany, Oregon. However, it is not too late to purchase other outstanding quilts in the auction. There are, as I am writing this, 121 quilts available in the second section. They will be marked down to $150 at 2 pm ET today and a further permanent mark down to $100 on Saturday at 2 pm. Then on Monday, the final section of 141 quilts is on the auction block starting $750.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

My second indigo blue made for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Can the Rainbow Scrap Challenge grow old? Not to me. I enjoy the challenge of making it new with each block I pull together from my scraps. Actually taking old scraps and reassembling them into new blocks is a challenge I embrace.

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    1. Thank you, Nancy. I know the trend is to go with Accucut or Circuit, but I like the flexibility of making my units any size versus needing to purchase new dies for each size. When I started quilting templates were on the way out as the rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat were all the rage. Seems the Accucut is a faster template method.

  1. HST are great, and you are right, they are old, but new/modern too! I do as you do: measure, cut, sew and square up the HST.
    I’m so happy for Lola, she found a new home! Well done with the Auction.
    Your indigo RSC block looks great, it’s fun to dig into scraps and play with old fabrics 😉
    Thank you for sharing, and linking up today!

    1. I did break the rules by going with indigo vs. light blue, but my quilt needed the indigo, or that’s my excuse. As I commented to Nancy, my go to method for HSTs allows me to cut them any size. Definitely a strong reason to go this route.

      Thank you for providing me with another site to link.

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