Week in Review 2024 – 04/05


I am making progress. It doesn’t always feel like it, though. One of the advantages of writing a weekly blog post is seeing the progress. When I am in the studio, even as the stitches add up and blocks stack up, I am visualizing the ultimate goal. Since there is frequently a wide gap between where I am and where I am headed, it can be discouraging. Much as I love the process of creating I am easily frustrated by my inability to see the progress. So, today’s post will focus on progress.

Last week I promised to add a new gallery to my website focused on my small wrapped canvass artwork. I am far from being done. However, all the artwork has been photographed. Now it is up to me to crop the photographs, set up some galleries, write text… well you get the picture. A simple website page is anything but simple. However, I have made a start. That’s progress. You can check out the slide show of three of my 12″ x 12″ pieces up above. Simply click on the arrows found on the right or left side of the visible image to see the other work.


I spent several delightful studio days free motion quilting the sand Sue is sitting on. Now that is progress you can see. Of course, I still have a long way to go before I can call Sue finished. The next step will be to secure Sue to the beach. For now, she is temporarily pinned in placed. Don’t forget to use the arrows to check out Sue before and after images.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

It’s April. This means it is time to start the next color, yellow, in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. One way to see my progress is through the slide show below.

Not all my progress is linear. I am frequently inspired to tweak my original plans. This is the case with the yellow blocks. It occurred to me, since they are grouped in a diamond pattern, I could create a subtle star. So, I began by dividing my yellow scraps into two piles. The first pile is anything that is very light. The second pile contains mid to dark values of yellow. Of course, since they are scraps a few other colors sneak their way in.

It all begins by intuitively piecing yellow fabric scraps into usable “yardage”.

I even managed to sew most of the scraps in the dark pile together. Now that is progress.

What progress have you made this week?

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  1. Great progress! I am impressed that you can work on multiple projects at once. I’m intrigued by Sue.

    1. I’m surprised I can work on two projects at once, too. Jenny. It requires me to develop new organization techniques, so I know where I left off with each. Also, I need to “clear” my work space between one project and the next. An advantage to this insanity is as I am working on one I can give the other the breathing space necessary to come up with the next step or avoid boredom from repetition.

    1. My progress often feels more like a spiral than a straight line or perhaps a journey with detours to overlooks. What’s not to love about a journey, right?

  2. You have SEW much patience for that detailed work required by the Sue quilt!! Adding a subtle start in your RSC String quilt sounds like a really good plan. Look at you with sections sewn and ready to transform into blocks!

    1. It is plausible Sue will receive “her” quilt sometime in the future. However, for now it will become part of my collection to enter into exhibitions and for sale. I keep wondering when I will have sufficient blocks made in this year’s RSC to start seaming the blocks in rows or columns. At least once the yellow is down I can at least lay those blocks out side by side to see if the star works.

    1. So here’s the question… As you ponder progress being linear or not, is your thinking linear or do jump from idea to idea and circle back? There is no right answer. One of the reasons I enjoy reading other’s posts is precisely because they frequently get me thinking. So, I hope this is a positive thing for you.

  3. You made great progress on both projects. The sand behind Sue is wonderful, I love the small waves, it really looks like sand. Great idea for the yellow blocks, an hidden star is going to be fun!
    Thank you for sharing your progress of the week!

    1. …And that is only part of how I am keeping track of what is left to be made, what needs to be made in a given month and what is already made. I am also filing the blocks, literally, in labeled file folders in a drawer in my study. Fingers crossed that when it comes time to layout the completed blocks I can easily find what I need in the designated file folders.

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