Week in Review 2023 – 11/24

Keeping it Short

I’m keeping it short this week. Why? Simple, although I continue to sneak in some studio time, most of my time was spent celebrating. First and foremost, the most important day, the Senior Executive Director of Studio Operation’s birthday. The day before we made a 5 hour round trip to watch our 12 year old grandson’s hockey game, followed by lunch. Yes, we also enjoyed Thanksgiving at our home with family. Guess you can tell far more eating and visiting time took place than studio time.

This photo of Sue is the inspiration for my next quilt.

Keeping it focused

Sue’s feet

Studio time was short, but focused. I am working on thread painting Sue’s feet. As you can see in the detail photo, her shadowed foot is done and I am currently working on the foot with sun drenched highlights. If you look closely you can see dark gray fabric appliquéd in the top left. My plan is to handle creating the quilt the same way you piece appliqué, back to front. Sue’s shadowed leg is on top of the inside of the hem of her sweatpants. The best way to tackle such a challenging quilt, is one short step at a time.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

The pattern takes shapes when four blocks are combined.

I enjoyed a brief respite from thread painting to do more 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge prep work. No sewing, just cutting. I created yards and yards of black and white fabric strips in various widths. These will be seamed together for the center strip of each my 255. I’m off to a good start, but also far, far short of creating sufficient strips for the quilt. I’ll get there.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. There are so many great small details to pay attention to in your thread paintings, like that little piece that makes the inside of her pants. Such a great idea to pre-make those black and white sections of the RSC blocks, too. They will be handy to have when you get going on these blocks in the new year!

    1. Part of the challenge is to decide which details are essential and which can be deleted to for simplification. I judged the inside cuff crucial. Yes, the black and white center section is a good work ahead, while I await for the challenge to begin officially.

  2. Happy birthday to your SEDSO’s husband!
    Both feet are looking good, I love the shadows and light effects. Great organization to cut ahead a lot of strips, ready to be sewn with colors.
    Thank you for sharing your week, and linking up!

    1. So true. I do find having a plan saves time. This is my third year doing the RSC. Each year I’ve done something new to me. This one is more block intensive, but the blocks are much simpler and I hope blow through my scraps.

  3. Oh my goodness — you are tackling FEET next?! You sure do like a challenge, but then again, I know you are up to it! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Gwyned!

    1. Years, OK decades ago, I took a course based on the booking Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It helped me “see” what I was drawing as shapes, lines, highlights and shadows – not scary intimidating things such as face, hands and feet. It helps when tackling Sue. Happy holidays to you, too.

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