Week in Review 2023 – 06/23

Staying Open

I am staying open to possibilities. Yes, I am a planner. Personally, I feel that having a plan provides a focus, but it is equally important to allow for modifications along the way. Otherwise it is easy to get into a rut. I don’t sit passively by hoping new ideas will come. Instead, I create a routine that allow for serendipitous discoveries.

A few flowers from How Does Your Garden Grow?

To Possibilities

I am a member of SAQA, an organization dedicated to promoting the art quilt as fine art around the globe. SAQA provides so many opportunities to network, learn, observe, be entertained and grow, it is mind boggling. Yesterday, I attended a small group of members who all own mid and long arm sewing machines. They gather together once a month, via Zoom, to discuss creative ways to go beyond quilting, the purpose of such machines. Linda Diak gave a presentation about her work and what brought her to quilting. What I love about Linda’s work is how her quilting references and reinforces her subjects. Talk about possibilities opening up!

Each pansy flower head measures 4″ x 4″ and is made up of 38 individual pieces. The blue, yellow and orange watercolor style fabric comes from my collection of skies I hand painted.

Come Join Me

You don’t have to be a member of SAQA to reap the benefits of the organization and be open to the possibilities. You can spend a few minutes or hours exploring all that is available to members and non-members alike on the website. Also, SAQA is hosting a virtual mini conference in July with speakers from around the globe. Usually SAQA’s conferences are only open to members, but not this one. Non-members can sign up, too. Since the conference is virtual, the presentations are taped. Attendees have access to the recordings for an additional 3 months post the conference.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

All flowers on the bottom row are pieced and the panel stitched together.

Hurrah! I am far enough along in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge to piece the bottom row. I purposefully designed the quilt to have plenty of open space for quilting. Now that I have seen Linda Diak’s work all sorts of creative quilting possibilities are racing through my mind.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. Thank you, Rebecca. Before I selected the fabric for the pansies I did a quick online search of pansy images. Realized my plan inverted the colors and I needed something blue/yellow and with fine line stripes for the center. This fabric, hit me instantly. I knew it was perfect.

  1. That wee border is so pretty! I love pansies, and make sure to have a planter of them in my yard every summer.

    As for possibilities…yes; dwelling in possibility = dwelling in hope. 🙂

    1. Pansies are short lived here in the Boston area. Our summers are too hot to keep them from bolting. However, they are perfect spring plant. They are a favorite of mine, too. Yes, possibilities and hope are closely aligned.

  2. I balance plans with serendipity and freedom too… your project is pretty and graphic… when things have to come back together they need some planning don’t they?

    1. Why does your comment not surprise me, LeeAnne. Yes, creating art is like see-sawing with one side weight by plans, the other by improve and inspiration.

    1. I feel so fortunate that a peer recommended I check out SAQA in 2005. Hard to believe I have been a member for nearly 20 years now. Glad you like the flowers, Maggie.

    1. I wouldn’t have designed this quilt without the RSC to spur me on. Since I must use rainbow colors the design is more whimsical and colorful. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Melisa.

  3. Lovely flowers, and this row is beautiful. Love the pretty fabrics you hand painted too.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and links, and linking up!

    1. So kind, Frédérique. There was a time when I hand painted skies every summer. I also did several sessions of hand-dying. The result, some precious stash to dip into now and then.

  4. Of course, they are pansies. And they are lovely. At first glance, I thought – did she make the flower block with the butterfly on it?
    I am a planner too, IRL 🙂 I believe it is important to have a plan, especially for vacations etc. I take my fun very seriously and cannot leave restaurant/sightseeing reservations up to spontaneity.

    1. Yes, the pansy shapes do suggest butterflies. They are part of the future plan. Love that you plan out your vacations in advance. It certainly avoids time spent dithering while on vacation. Just because you have a plan, doesn’t mean you have to follow it to the letter, but it is there to provide structure and save time. 🙂

  5. Your flowers are gorgeous, Gwyned. All those tiny pieces create depth and variety. I’m looking forwards to the next flowers and the finished top one of these days or months.

    1. Thank you, Nancy. Just finished the next set of flowers and am on roll. I am thinking of working ahead in order to finish the quilt early. Wouldn’t that make a nice change?

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