Week in Review 2024 – 06/28

Slow and Steady

The pace I naturally gravitate to is slow and steady. This is one reason I find the Rainbow Scrap Challenge so compelling. Every month there is a new color to explore. This month is blue. I had already made my dark blue blocks, so I will make the light blue ones next.

Looking Back

The gallery of photos is a very brief visual recap of my steady progress since starting the 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge in December 2023. It began with the reference photo I selected on Pinterest. I loved the block concept, but not the layout. I designed my own layout with concentric rainbow rings.

Once I started sewing random scrap strips together to form the half square triangles it became abundantly clearly this was a HUGE undertaking. I needed to simplify the process. I realized it would be much easier to crumb piece strata/fabric and cut the half square triangles all at once, than piece them individually.

Moving Forward

Sort, stack and sew

It’s funny how sorting through and organizing my scraps looks like it should take minutes to do, versus the hours of methodical steady work it actually takes. However it is so worth it when everything is neatly piled to the left of my machine and I can chain sew similar sizes into long strips or rectangular units.

The light blue crumb strata is ready to cut into half square triangles.

By the end of the week my steady work resulted in a 13″ H x 68″ W light blue crumb strata. This is exactly what I need to cut the 44 half square triangles required for my quilt. I’ll do that next week. Then it will be time to move on to the July blocks. But first I have an art entry deadline to meet. I plan on submitting Contemplation. There is just the final finishing work of the facing, hanging sleeve and label. It will hang in the Blue Ribbon Members Show at the South Shore Art Center in my town.


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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Thanks for giving us a peek into your process of using your scraps. It does take a long time to sort them! I agree the time spent is worth the effort in the end! Beautiful art entry and the quilt name is perfect!

    1. Every time I start a process involved post of this sort, I think I really should dip my toe into creating patterns and instructions so I can flesh things out more. I’m grateful you enjoyed the “peek”. Prior posts cover different aspects of what I shared today in more depth.

      The “model” for contemplation lives nearby, but hasn’t seen the actual piece. Thought it would be fun to unveil at the art center for her first viewing. Names are tricky. It’s good to learn this resonates with you.

  2. I love to sort through and organize scraps, seeing what I have, seeing pattern next to each other, being ready to just stitch one next to the other. You approach each project with an artist’s eye to creating

    1. I confess, LeeAnna, when I stitching this particularly 2024 RSC quilt, the scraps pretty match pieced together in a random fashion. About all I try to do is avoid piecing large chunks of like fabric side by side. It is a treat to see how fabrics that have been sorted by value and hue automatically work together.

  3. You have a lot of pretty light blues to use for your crumb blocks! They’re very calm and peaceful to look at, and probably to sew with, too. I enjoy seeing your progress on this project!

    1. Some of those light blues go back decades. I’m looking forward to seeing how they play with the dark blues and July’s aquas. I did allow pale aqua to sneak in occasionally this month. Thank you for your thoughts.

  4. Seeing the process is always so much fun. Looks like it was much more time efficient to sew this way despite all the prep work. Best of all, it is ready to go!

    1. I have always been fascinated by process, possibly more so than by end product. Good to know you enjoy it, too. Yes, I believe this method is far more efficient and much better at not creating more scraps than it utilizes. 🙂

  5. I’m in awe of your RSC organization and planning, Gwyned. And love these light moody blues you’ve chosen to stitch next. Contemplation is a most amazing entry and will be a treat for visitors to see up close. How wonderful to have an artist’s eye, as Lana mentioned. You are blessed!

    1. I haven’t even begun to share some of my organization for my 2024. I actually have the finished blocks filed in a file drawer in my office, i.e. dark blue, dark blue and red, etc. Each grouping has its own file folder. It is always an exciting day when I can move the newest finished blocks into the office. The half done blocks reside the studio awaiting their companion color.

      I rarely work as close to deadline as I am with contemplation. Fingers crossed I will be able to pull it off. Your positive words spur me on.

  6. Pretty light blue crumb fabric, I love those cute ribbons and pale flowers! You have such a neat organization, your blocks are going to be sewn in no time. Contemplation is a beautiful piece of art, have fun entering the show!

    1. Aren’t those ribbons fun. I wish I could recall when and why I purchased that fabric. I confess I pulled this from my stash. I don’t have sufficient light blue scraps for my need. So, my go to way of handling this is to pull out smaller pieces of fabric from my stash that I haven’t used for years and am unlikely to ever use. Close enough to count as a scrap.

      Thank you for being such a positive and regular commentator on my posts.

  7. Your RSC block sure does take time and planning but it is so worth it! I love that scrappy sashing with the solid black around the blocks. Stunning!

    1. Yes, Sue, the planning and prep work are definitely worth. I spent delightful day in the studio. The result my 20 light blue and dark blue combo blocks are pieced and trimmed to size. Also, have a head start on the 20 blocks that are either all light blue or light blue combined with a color that has been selected yet. The central black and white scrappy strip was fun to create. Unfortunately my black and white stash took a big hit. Thank you for the thumbs up.

    1. So true, Alycia. In fact I have written several posts about my plodding tortoise ways. Just finished the light blue blocks. Taking a mini break before moving on to Contemplation. That will be the focus until it is complete.

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