Week in Review 2023 – 03/03

Stop the World…

Pillars of Creation as viewed through the Webb telescope is the image that launched my current work in progress, In the Beginning.

Stop the world, I want to get off. Well not really, but sometimes my world seems to gather speed, spinning wildly and I can barely hang on. This happens whenever my life is off balance because it seems all aspects, family, health, commitments, art and more demand my immediate attention. True, I make the commitments and set the priorities, but it can be so difficult to just say no, pause, take a deep breath and reassess.

There are only two more rows to piece and In the Beginning’s top will be done.


So what has me wanting a break this week? I was determined, make that laser focused, to finishing row #9 of In the Beginning. Done! It was also an “on” week for Project Quilting, so I had a “bonus” quilt to make. Managed that, too. But wait, this is the first week of a new color in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and no color was announced. Panic. I had even managed to “reserve” time to sew on Thursday. I checked, checked back and checked again. This morning I learned the color is green. Phew. I’ll finish that thought in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge section. Let’s call a halt to the insanity for now.


Project Quilting‘s 5th prompt in 2023 is to create quilt without any squares. Check!

One burden/treat I opted for in 2023 is to participate in Project Quilting. It seemed a good way to force, or at least encourage myself, to work faster. Most of my art quilts take 3 – 4 months from start to finish. Project Quilting provides a prompt on Sunday and you are expected to make a quilted projected based on the prompt no later than the following Sunday. Thank goodness there are only six prompts all together. A full year of this pressure cooker way of quilting would be too much. I would put an end to it by bailing out.

How Does Your Garden Grow? will look similar to this when it is finished.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

When I designed How does Your Garden Grow? for the 2023 Rainbow Scrap Challenge, I purposefully didn’t include green flowers, although I knew green would crop up in at least one month. I figured I would use the stems and leaves that month. Sometimes when you want to stop the world the universe gives you the necessary break. I didn’t need to make a green block, I already had several. I will make more stem and leaf combos next week.

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  1. ooooo your PQ is great. I just finished mine, and still have to write the post and link it up. Seems like you found out the color is green, so you’re set! I’m in the weeds since the SAHRR block is still due and I’ve been slaving away with the PQ.
    in the beginning is, what superlative to use??? Awesome. I just love all your decisions and makings

    1. I was hoping the RSC color would be announced on the 1st of the month, or at least first thing on Thursday, the 2nd. Of course, I always have something to work on, which is precisely what I did. I’m sure you can relate – so many tempting projects; too little time. You tackle more projects than me and make it look easy. Thank you, LeeAnne for stopping by and for your words of encouragement.

  2. I feel your panic on the RSC Color of the Month thing, but GREEN scrap sewing will just have to wait. Congrats on your PQ14.5 finish! I’m still searching for an appropriate binding fabric for mine. Hoping it will materialize today.

    1. Good luck on the binding quest. There is still time to find the elusive fabric. Now that GREEN has been announced I can start working on my stems and leaves. Won’t be the most exciting blocks to share in the next few weeks, but the December unveiling will make them worth the time.

  3. March is the perfect time for you to make stems & leaves. My pineapple quilt will not get green pineapples either. That’s OK of course. Leaves time this month for UFO projects, right?

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