Week in Review 2020 – 11/06

I Get Creative

This is the first week in many months I attended less than a handful of Zoom meetings. What a treat! It gives me oodles of free time to wallow in the studio. What did I do with the time? Push forward on Cautiously Optimistic, of course. I am officially more than half way through.

In progress image of Cautiously Optimistic as it appears on November 5, 2020
Cautiously Optimistic as it appears on November 5, 2020. Only two more rows and one block to go.

Remember when Cautiously Optimistic consisted of one nearly all black block in the upper left hand corner? Now, I add a block, combine blocks and attach one row to the last row, and voila, all sorts of twists turns and contrast. Even though I have a general idea of where this piece is heading, thanks to the blue print I created, how it will actually turn out is a delightful adventure filled with surprises.

Dana gets creative
Image of our cat, Lola.
Lola is the lucky recipient of the Cat Castle. She suggested the name Lola’s Lair.

I am not the only one who has been creative this week. My husband, Dana, came across a new DIY craze to build Cat Castles from recycled boxes. He decided our cat, Lola, absolutely needed one of her own. Lola is a thermopile. She loves to choose a comfy chair in the east side of our home for a long morning nap. Then as the sun starts to set she moves to the west side to recline in a pool of sunshine on the foyer carpet. Of course, she loves to sleep hidden away, too, under beds, or other dark spaces when she needs to feel safe.

In progress image of Lola's Lair, a cat condo.
My husband discovered a DIY Cat Castle craze and decided our cat needed one, too.

Lola’s Lair is a work in progress. By next week Dana will paint shingles on the roof. My suggestion is he add some ivy fines creeping up the walls. What do you recommend he do? There are 4 blank walls to have fun with.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. omg so cute. Creative alright. Lucky Lola (my nickname) and a request. If this makes her feel safe, can your husband make an XL for me so I feel safe? I haven’t felt safe for years… guess how many

    1. If I recall, you are partial to purple, too. The paint color is called Grape. I selected that, so it would contrast nicely with the focus wall in our living area, which is a dusty lavender. I did submit your request to Dana, however, he is not taking commissions at this time. I think most people are feeling unsettled these days. Precisely why Dana embarked on this project. As you know there is nothing like embarking on a creative project to calm the nerves.

    1. Excellent suggestion, Joanna. We have been balancing one of Lola’s crocheted mice in the round, attic window. That mouse definitely needs a way to get in.

      Cautiously Optimistic continues to be an apt name for our current times, even if the Presidential election being formally announced.

  2. Love the cat castle and think it would look great with vining flowers. How wonderful to have two creative people in one household.

    1. I love this idea, Norma. Thanks for suggesting it. Yes, I am fortunate to be married to a fellow creative. During our early married years he made several pieces of furniture, including the crib we used for both our children. His whole family is artistic. No one else made quilts, but my mother-in-law, now deceased, made my wedding gown. She even combined and altered two patterns, because I loved the bodice in one and sleeves in another.

  3. Even though it’s purple, one can’t have ivy on a “flat” wall, so perhaps outlining some bricks is in order? 😉 And don’t forget something cozy to curl up on inside! I’m sure if she saw it, my Miss Pookie-cat would fall in love with Lorna’s Lair too.

    1. You can’t see it but the ground floor has a soft towel carpeting. The second floor is hard wood (cardboard). There is a hole in the second floor to allow Lola access. Excellent point to include some texture for the ivy to climb. Perhaps you can make a Pookie Palace once you have finished all those socks.

  4. Cautiously Optimistic is looking fantastic and Lola’s Lair is AWESOME! I like the idea of ivy. I would also add flower boxes beneath the windows, and I would not be able to rest until I had snuck in a couple unicorn gargoyles, some glitter, or at least some sequins — but that’s because I grew up wearing ugly maroon velour jumpsuits in the ’70s and ’80s and did not get to express my inner princess as a child. 😉

    1. I had an idea if I asked for suggestions on ways to enhance Lola’s Lair, there would be some great ideas. You are so creative, Rebecca. Never would have occurred to me to add gargoyles or that a gargoyle could be of a unicorn. What fun! I did think of a little glitter enhancement. I’ve passed your ideas on to the architect, general contractor, master carpenter and painting crew, aka my husband.

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