What’s Happening…

I’m Watching You is one of over 40 artworks on exhibit at the Nantasket Beach Resort. This is a mixed media show. The exhibition opens on Friday, May 10th and concludes on Wednesday, June 12th. The venue is in downtown Hull, directly across the street from Nantasket Beach. It is within walking distance of more than handful restaurants with tempting fare.

Sunrise at Minot Beach is included in Morning, Noon & Night, an all media exhibition. The show opens on June 14, 2024 and concludes on July 12, 2024. It takes place at the Attleboro Arts Museum in Attleboro, MA.

Sunrise at Minot Beach

Fierce Planets is a SAQA Global exhibition. The 42 works making up the exhibition will begin their tour at the Louisiana State University Museum of art in April 2024. This exhibition is a collaborative work with the John Hopkins University Press. In the Beginning, based on the Pillars of Creation, is one of the 42 works included in the exhibition.

In the Beginning measures 47 1/2″ H x 52″.