About the Artist

Image of the artist, Gwyned Trefethen.

Gwyned Trefethen didn’t plan on becoming an artist. When she retired from her business career to raise her family, she knew she would need an outside hobby for self-fulfilment.  She signed up for a traditional quilt class with the idea that she could make quilts to gift to friends and family. Soon she opted to modify quilt patterns rather than make them as is. Within a few years she said goodbye to patterns completely, making fiber art of her own design. 
Eager for the company of others, Gwyned joined her local guild and Compuserve, a quilt discussion board. Just as her work stretched beyond traditional, so did where she sought like-minded people. This ultimately took her to SAQA, which she joined 17 years ago. She has served as regional rep for MA/RI, on the Global Exhibition Committee first as the Chair of the Development Subcommittee and Secretary and then for three years as its Chair. She is enjoying her next SAQA challenge, serving on its Board as Treasurer. 

Once Gwyned began making art quilts, she started exhibiting. Initially, she exhibited locally, but by 2001 she started sharing her work around the nation and then internationally. Her work is included in numerous publications.
Gwyned and her husband returned to Massachusetts, after an 8-year stint in Wisconsin. She is happily putting her new studio to the test.