June 2019

12" H x 12" W


Detail of a hydrangea blossom made from folded fabric

Cohasset, the small seaside town where I live, is the perfect environment for growing hydrangea. The pH level of the soil determines the color, which can be pink, blue, purple or a combination of the three. The color of my fabric hydrangea is achieved by judicious selection of my hand painted and hand dyed fabric.

Computer app metamorphosis of a pansy

Pansy Abstraction

July 2016

11" H x 16" W



Pansy Abstraction began with a photo taken of a pansy gracing the artist’s balcony. It was manipulated through a series of computer apps to achieve the fractured, unexpected palette. The metamorphosed image was printed on fabric and further altered through intense free motion quilting.


Litte Lake Butte des Morts in Fall

July 2014

27" H x 9" W



Little Lake Butte des Morts in Fall was commissioned by a neighbor of the artist. The image represents the shared view. Fall colors were selected as they are the commissioner's favorite palette and season.

131121-ZenBlossoms-FV extracted quilt


November 2013

44" H x 33" W



ZenBlossoms was designed as a Zentangle and then translated from pen and paper to thread and cloth.

Three pink hibiscus are featured against a mixed green background

Hibiscus Haven

June 2012

21" H x 24" W


A single pink hibiscus blossom appears to float on chartreuse leaves with a deeper green background

The purchase of a hibiscus plant was just the motivation needed to create a new art quilt.

Two tree trunks run top to bottom on the lright side and the lower left is balanced by a clump of daffodils.

Little Lake Butte des Morts in Summer

July 2011

44" H x 30" W


A closeup look at the batik leaves cling to a thin branch part way up one of the two tree trunks.

Every time I look up from my work I am treated to a view of Little Lake Butte des Morts. The water is in a constant state of flux. It can be calm and reflective, it can have mini whitecaps or in winter its frozen. Little Lake Butte des Morts in Summer is an attempt to capture a brief moment of lake life. It is the third piece made in 2011 to experiment with creating an abstract background that comes to life with a more representational, layered foreground.

Only the snow surrounding the crocuses is white, otherwise it is in various values of turquoise blue. There are three yellow crocuses marching across the quilt midline, with a single deep purple one acting as a focal point.

Spring Chorus

February 2011

30" H x 20" W


This closeup depicts the deep purple thread painted crocus flanked by a barely there yellow crocus on the left and fully budded but not bloomed one on the right.

Every year I watch for the first hint of spring - the arrival of the crocuses. Often they push their way through the remnants of winter's snow. No matter how many times I witness their arrival the crocuses sing out to me with a chorus of hope.  Spring Chorus is an amalgam of techniques and styles I have used in prior work, but in a new way. The underlying piecing structure is similar to my value shifting series. However, this time the shadows and light are determined by the sun, snow and crocuses versus an abstract shifting of value. The crocuses were created separately using thread painting. Once they were applied to the quilt canvas their leaves were thread painted directly onto the quilt.