Water and sky is a subject with endless possibilities for an artist. This collection includes work that is purely abstract, abstract representational and occasionally representational. The drama of the panoramic view and palette, no matter the interpretation is captivating.

Flowers can be a sign of hope, such as the crocus, breaking through the remnants of winter to herald spring. They may call forth memories of travels and past gardens. The aster and chrysanthemum represent the final blooms before frost puts an end to outdoor blooms.


Fauna are found in the oceans, on earth and in the sky. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, adorned in repetitive patterns and colors. Their eyes draw you in, often becoming the focal point of the work.

Shifting Values

The Shifting Values series began as a single experiment. What would happen if white, gray and black fabrics, divided into values, were simultaneously on the diagonal and horizontal. The result was so compelling, the same premise was used multiple times, each time with a different tweak.