Week in Review 2020 – 11/27

Virtual Thanksgiving

My husband and I had bonus time during the week to work on our art projects. It is one of the silver linings of not gathering with family during US Thanksgiving. We did gather virtually. In fact we were able to gather in a way that wouldn’t have happened if restrictions didn’t exist. There were attendees from four states in the US plus a family from Oxford, England. Meals varied by family unit, most favoring a nod to traditional fare. We opted for non traditional and had “The Best Vegan Pot Pie“. It was scrumptious.

Image of the front side of Cautiously Optimistic. Four of the five rows are now complete.
The front side of Cautiously Optimistic. Four of the five rows are now complete. If it looks different from previous views, your power of observation is excellent.

I focused on, no surprise, pushing forward on making blocks for Cautiously Optimistic. Does the image look different from how you remember Cautiously Optimistic? My husband opted to photograph it upside down for a different perspective. I forgot to flip it when I edited the photo. Rather than rework the image I thought you might enjoy seeing how a different feel is achieved through orientation.

Image of Cautiously Optimistic
Cautiously Optimistic as it appeared two weeks ago.
Your Opinion, Please

Opinions are always welcome. What do you think? Should the dark side be on the left or right. Once you have decided be sure to include your thinking in the comments.

Work Resumes on Lola’s Lair
The resident of Lola's Lair has come to check out the general contractor's work.
The resident of Lola’s Lair has come to check out the general contractor’s work. She can be very fussy, but even she is pleased with the results.

My husband, who loves to be known by laundry list of titles, got to work on Lola’s Lair. Since I introduced Lola’s Lair, he has shingled the roof, added some gold trim, and planted vines making their way up the face of the house. This means he’s a roofer, carpenter, painter and gardener.

Image of Lola's Lair focusing in on the recently added vines.
Lola’s Lair has vines!

Aren’t those vines fun? He created them by twisting twine, stiffening it slightly with thinned Elmer’s Glue, then cutting out leaves from green painter’s tape. Lola has yet to take up residence, but she is definitely curious about the whole process.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Dark on the right or left depends on what you want the piece to “say”.
    With dark on the right the light seems to be pushing it away.
    With dark on the left the light seems to be emerging from it.
    Both are terrific.

  2. I’m in the dark on the left camp because I think it is more grounded, but you could also go with a vertical orientation! Turned my computer around to check it out and it also looks fantastic. Thank you for linking the vegan pot pie recipe as well. I will definitely have to try that! And Lola’s lair is amazing! Lucky kitty.

    1. Once the top is completed, I plan to hang it on my design wall in a vertical orientation to live with that perspective for a while. I also find dark at the bottom, so left hand side more grounding. We switched our diet to whole food plant based about a year ago. We were already leaning heavily towards a vegetarian diet. It can be challenging coming up with tasty WFPB recipes. There are only so many soups, stews, and chilis one can consume. The pot pie made for a nice change of pace. It is a fair amount of work, but worth it. Lola is quite the spoiled household member. My husband strung it with lights for the holiday’s yesterday.

  3. I can certainly see the attic mouse in Lola’s house. Your complex paper piecing is paying off now that more blocks are done. I kind of like it upside down. One of my pieces took on a completely different meaning when inverted.

    1. My grandchildren are very excited about the return of the Elf on a Shelf beginning December 1st. The crocheted mouse, made by a friend of ours, has been known to peer out of different doors and windows. My husband favors the upside variation you prefer. I can always attach sleeves all the way around and let the curator or future owner decide their favorite orientation.

  4. I’m joining in with “dark on the left” — mainly because to me the dark on the right expresses storm clouds moving in. Of course, if that’s what you’re after… well, then you might want to rename it “Not So Cautiously Optimistic”! 😉

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