Week in Review 2020 – 07/03

Summer saps my energy. Lower energy equals lower self motivation. How do I break this self defeating cycle? With great difficulty. Here are a few of my thoughts. What are yours?

I spent the week working on the longest diagonal strip. It is pinned up next to the earlier work. I’m officially past the half way point.
  1. Self compassion. I find it crucial to remember it is OK, even normal, not to feel at the top of my game 100% of the time. No need for a pity party. Simply a need for acceptance.
  2. Take a moment to reflect on, or better yet, write down things I am grateful for. In fact, this is something I do every single morning as soon as I get up. It is a great way to start the day.
  3. Exercise. As I age I’ve slowed down to more moderate, less joint rattling exercise. Yoga instead of step aerobics. Walking instead of running. You don’t have to go to the gym, do a series of burpees, run a marathon or even walk a mile or more to exercise. The key is to move. It can be as intense or gentle as you are able.
  4. Spend time with others. This is more of a challenge during the pandemic than it has been in the past. One of the advantages of summer and/or warmer climates is we can gather with a few friends or family members outside for a visit. Our granddaughters, aged 6 and 8, will be visiting this weekend. I’ve made them pretty masks for the occasion. We’ve stockpiled some simple outdoor items, such as bean bags and ring toss. I expect they will also have some sprinkler time.
  5. Educate yourself. This is a personal preference of mine. I love taking classes online, honing my drawing skills through tutorials, watching videos about art, and broadening my horizons through books and movies.
  6. Finally, simply writing out this list of what I do to motivate myself has proven to be motivation. I can’t wait to walk the talk.
Turbulence again, but this time with a ruler for a sense of scale.

One of the advantages of working on Turbulence is even with a nearly empty motivation tank, all I have to do is piece one piece to next. I have a blueprint. I follow it. Seeing the work expand and pull together as a cohesive piece of art reminds it is all worth it.

I’m reposting the blueprint as a reminder of what I’m following. This is my original design created with the help of EQ 8.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. I know I can be extremely hard on myself. I cut others more slack than I will cut myself. I confess, I used the post to remind myself I am entitled to have a few off days. This week it felt as though I was more off than on. One of the advantages of posting weekly is seeing even when I am off, I do accomplish something.

      Thanks for the positive nod towards Turbulence. Much appreciated.

  1. As much as I love summer and the outdoor activities, our latest weather pattern is hot, hotter, and hottest with matching humidity. Even in an air conditioned home, and few outings (errands!), I watch our cats who have made sleeping an Olympic sport! If they are lethargic, and doing nothing, why am I surprised when I have a similar reaction? (And I don’t wear a fur coat!) I have learned that, while a list of to-do’s is a good start, the day will end with something not completed. I have learned to accept that about myself and, as Scarlett would say, “Tomorrow is another day.” And it is!
    I am fascinated by “Turbulence” and will continue to watch it “grow,” no matter how long it takes!

    1. One thing that surprised me about Appleton, WI is the range of temperature. I never thought of the Boston area as temperate. I reserved that for “one season” weather. Appleton’s temperature range is noticeably broader than here. AC helps, but it is nice to be able to sit outside. I expect I will finish piecing Turbulence by end of July or first week in August. Each new block completed adds to the picture.

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