Week in Review 2021 – 08/13

New Start

What is your creative process? Can you even describe your creative process? In my case it is so innate I find it difficult to put into words. I do feel as if I have a muse that sits on my shoulder and whispers, “Just give it a try. It might work.” Prior to that gentle nudge my brain swirls with possibilities. I know some people opt to keep notebooks of ideas. These ideas may be jotted down in words, as sketches or perhaps be a collection of photographs. The only thing I do is the latter. However, I rarely peruse the photos. I am just as likely to glance out my window, as is the case with my current WIP (work in progress) and feel the nudge of my muse.

This is a general sense of my plans for the 2021 SAQA Trunk Show donation. The are five swaths of fabric indicating a landscape of a marsh at sunrise.
EQ 8 blue print for my SAQA 2021 Trunk Show offering

What I saw this week is the marsh our home overlooks. I am as entranced by it as Monet was with the waterlilies at his home Giverny. Why? The light is always changing and because it is tidal marsh, so is the depth of the water. Unlike Monet, I suspect, I don’t try to capture the fleeting changes of light. It is the shape of the landscape that has me mesmerized. Even so, I don’t even attempt to replicate it. Instead I go for its essence. I begin by getting a sense, a very broad sense of where I need to head by creating a blue print or pattern in EQ8.

Early Steps

A simple white rectangle of white muslin is marked with the blue print for my SAQA 2021 Trunk Show offer. All lines are horizontal, befitting a landscape. Some are straight. Others are gentle curves.
The foundation is a very simple quilted muslin. The quilted lines are there for placement. The 2″ surround will give me a way to quilt to the edge and a trim allowance, when the piece is finished. It must be 10″H x 7″W in order to be accepted into the trunk show.

Now that I have the basic lines it is time to map things out more formally. This is one of the reasons I like using EQ8. It saves me oodles of drafting time. I can print out the block/quilt to the size I created. I can print out each of the five templates with or without seam allowances. The muse (remember my muse) told me to experiment with this one and build the piece as layered quilts to help bring a more 3D or bas relief look. That muse is always giving me creative and never before tried by me assignments. Nothing ventured…So, I have created the bottom or foundation quilt. It is muslin showing the placement lines.

Fabric is stacked in an overlapping manner, starting with a hand dyed mottled green at the base and working up to a hand painted, dramatic sunrise. There is one thin vertical strip to indicate the tree that will be in the foreground.
These are the actual fabrics to be used in the creation. They are laid out in order at the approximate percentage of each that will be used. The vertical brown strip represents a tree trunk to be positioned in the foreground.

Stopping Point

I finished the week by selecting the palette or actual fabrics I plan to use. One way I check, before delving in too deeply, is to lay out the fabrics in the order they will appear and in the approximate percentage to be used. Is there enough contrast? Do they work together harmoniously? Now I have everything ready when I return to the studio next week.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


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