Week in Review 2022 – 04/15

Simple Pleasures

Four 6" square blocks have been group together. These are made up of a variety of red fabrics cut and pieced angles.
These are four of the completed sky blocks for Bat Sh*t Crazy.

Simply pleasures are the best. In a time rife with bad news, I find myself holding tight to things that bring me delight. Earlier this week we were offered tickets to today’s Red Sox game. This isn’t just any game, it is the opening game at their home stadium and an afternoon game to boot. My excitement was compounded when I checked the weather report. It will be sunny and 68 °F /20 °C. Amazing! Now if the Sox win, even better. 🙂

The sky, or upper portion of the image is made up of jagged, scraps of red fabric. The base and much of the right side of the image is covered with tightly packed yellow buildings with blue windows and doors.
This is my blueprint or guide for piecing Bat Sh*t Crazy.

Pure Joy

A narrow rectangular block is made up of the randomly pieced sky, then a gray fabric representing a roof and finally at the bottom a yellow townhouse pieced in three stories. The town house is yellow with a blue door and seven windows.
Now that I have the piecing for the sky worked out, it is time to try my hand at the Ukrainian townhouses. This block finishes at 13″ x 4″.

In preparation for spending the day in Boston, I pushed hard to accomplish 5 days of work in 4 days this week. Usually that results in my making and compounding mistakes. Not this week. Oh joy! I accomplished what I hoped to get done. Then as an added bonus when I moved onto the next step in Bat Sh*t Crazy, a step I was uncertain about, all went smoothly. My optimism abounds.

There are five blocks in this image. Viewing them from the left to right they alternate between a modified 8 pointed star block and and diagonally and a variation on a Jacob's ladder block. It begins with three pink blocks and finishes with two red blocks.
Although the picture shows these Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks as a horizontal row, they will actually be positioned vertically with the the red blocks at the top and the pink ones at the bottom.

I took a moment to sew together the pink blocks I made last week for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Then, I attached the pinks to the reds. Oh happy days, I officially have a completed column.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. Thank you, Nancy. I’m pleasantly surprised by them. The red fabric is drawn from 30+ years of stash building. I thought I would never use them, but they are perfect to create the chaos of the sky.

    1. It was our first day back in Boston since January or February 2020. The gift of the Red Sox tickets was just the nudge we needed to get back in the world. We are members of the MFA, so spent parked there and spent our morning viewing the Turner exhibit. Then off to a pre-game lunch. The Red Sox haven’t hit their stride. It was a torture of a game. However, Mo Vaughn returned to for the honorary pitch to kick off the game. His 9 year old son threw out the pitch for him. Quite the character and a strong arm. He threw from the mound to home plate.

      Boston is a great place to visit whether you are a native like me, or a tourist. There is always something to explore.

    1. Thank you, Leanne. It took some time to develop system and rhythm for the crazy pieced blocks, but now that I am churning them out I’m pleased. Good to know they work for you.The townhouses are going to be a breeze to paper piece – at least the early ones. The overlap and varying sizes will add the usual challenge I inevitably foist on myself.

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