Week in Review 2021 – 11/19

It’s About Time

Is there ever enough time to do all you want to do? My guess is you, like me, answered that question no. Despite my efforts to prioritize and then focus on my priorities, life has a way of upending my plans. A big distraction is technology. No, I don’t spent hours scanning through social media posts or texting on my non existent cell phone. My gripe is about all the time I spend making tech repairs.

Just when I thought I had post notifications solved I discovered my solution although functional from the followers end, wouldn’t work for me. So, leaving my studio once again, I decided it’s about time I came up with a way for others to follow my posts, that was simple and within my budget. Fingers crossed, you will like this new to me system. If you already follow me, don’t fret. I transferred all my followers to the new system. Thank you for your loyalty as I change my MO.

Time for A Logo?

It seems I am asked more and more frequently for my logo. However, I don’t have the software to design one that functions in print, on the internet and is scalable. It’s about time I at least investigate what is possible. Fiverr to the rescue. See, even I can admit tech isn’t all bad. Here are two possible designs. Do you have a preference? If so, why?

Option 1 – The background grid is a watermark and not part of the logo.


Option 2 – The background grid is a watermark and not part of the logo.

Studio Time

I did spend a few hours in the studio this week, just not as much as I had hoped for. I managed to add one more row to Celestial Celebration.

Swirls of blue, lavender, and plum fabrics are pieced to gather to form  a cumulous cloud in the sky.
Celestial Celebration now that the 10th row is added. There will be 11 rows.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


    1. The first logo was my first attempt. I had a similar reaction to you. I appreciate you sharing your take. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I felt this one would be an eye-catching branding visual. Next time I post, assuming I can settle on a logo design, the winner will head up my post notifications and appear on my website. Eventually, it will show up on my Square receipts.

  1. Being 100% not an artist, relying solely on my first (and second) impression, also known as “gut instinct,” my eyes barely saw the second but were instantly drawn to the first. The second one would belong to someone unsure of their skill; someone “trying” to be an adult. You, Gwyned, are so skilled, so accomplished, and I hope, brimming with confidence. You have earned the confidence expressed by #1 !!!

    1. Thanks for chiming in, Cheryl. Yours is the type of critique I need. My goal was to design something eye catching, clearly defines who I am and what I do and be memorable.

  2. I would warn you about the first logo, though I like it. It seems to me to bear a resemblance to a logo for an Olympic games…not sure when exactly, but you might check this out to ensure no copyright infringement. Just a thought.

    1. I thought of that, two Margaret. Thanks for mentioning it. The colors do bring the Olympic Rings to mind. However, the image created by the logo maker is different. The Olympic Rings use five colors, are interlocking and are always displayed in the same color order and horizontally. This image has eight segments, each a different color creating a single ring. I did a quick search on logos using primary colors. Wow! Quite a common practice. There are also numerous companies who will design your logo or help you brand your company. Some of the logos they offer I would get in a heart beat. Fiverr, though is very affordable. I expect the others, requiring consultation, etc and wanting to build my website would be far more costly.

  3. As the others said, #1 logo is my choice; however, I don’t like the print, I find it to big and takes away from the logo for me. Did you try putting your info inside the logo center space?

    1. Excellent suggestion. Unfortunately, I have no control over where the print appears. What I can do is change the font size on the text. I will play with how reducing the size of my name looks.

    1. The graphic nature and circle of the first option do give a nod to my work. However, I agree with you, Kathy. Although I tend not to make representational work, I do piece abstract representational work much the way the second logo does. Interesting you see this as more me. I do, too.

  4. I go with the comment of Laceflower. I like logo #1 but not the print and my first reaction was “why not put it in the middle”.
    I like the second one also and all in all it seems more balanced (logo and print) to me.
    Though choice Gwyned but as both are truly lovely you can’t make a mistake whatever you decide 🙂

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