Week in Review 2020 – 04/24

Where do your priorities lie? I’m finding this question more and more difficult to answer with each shelter in place day. My priorities seem to flit from laser focus to laser focus the way a hummingbird sips nectar from one flower to the next only to dart over to a completely different garden. The upshot is I have very little concrete from my studio to share this week.

Tuesday’s drawing based on a Chandra Art tutorial

I haven’t given up on my hundred days of drawing. I completed day #83 this morning. I am fine tuning my drawing skills with the help of YouTube video tutorials. This week has included several drawings based on Chandra Art. I love her sense of fantasy, the flourishes she adds, and the way she combines flowers and girls.

This is the tutorial I worked on today. It is another Chandra Art design.

When I wasn’t drawing, I was developing a blue print for my SAQA Benefit Auction quilt. This is an annual event to raise money for SAQA, whose mission is to promote the art quilt as a fine art medium. Only SAQA members contribute work, but members and non-members alike may bid on the work. The caliber of the work is outstanding. The creativity and talent is awe inspiring. So, it can be intimidating to contribute a piece to virtually hang with the collection.

My Neighbor’s Home

I am fortunate to live in one of the older towns south of Boston, Massachusetts. It is a town that treasurer’s its early homes. They have been maintained and altered over the years. What fascinates me are the unexpected roof lines. My auction contribution will be an interpretation of my neighbor’s home. I’ve been busy drafting a blue print which I hope will allow me to paper piece the house. The quilt must be 12″ x 12″, which means those window frames are very slim and tricky to piece. I may cave and recreate them with thread. We shall see.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Gwyned, I continue to be amazed at your drawings……I saw the gorgeous shoes over Zoom, but the others were new to me. How you are able to evoke a sense of depth and perspective with pencil lines is, to me, a miracle.
    Years ago, a friend who was an artist (pastels & oils) sat on my porch at 2953 and showed me all the shades of white (clouds), blue (sky), green (across the river), etc. and I was astounded! It was a brief tutorial, but it has stuck with me. She was teaching me “how to see.” Later, I took a “rookie” stained glass class in Appleton; the instructor was an older man who early in his young adult life was a student of John Muir. When I learned this I asked him what was the most important lesson he had learned from the famed photographer; “He taught me how to see.” I was stunned because my friend was “only” a gifted amateur painter and John Muir was JOHN MUIR. There is such power in the most basic of lessons. And more beauty yet when those who are able to practise those lessons in daily life share with others.

    1. I would tell you the same thing. Following a variety of people’s video tutorials is extremely helpful for me to improve my seeing. That being said, when I taught a guilds, my favorite class to teach was on color theory, especially the value (light to dark) aspect. Seeing value is something I am reasonably good at. Seeing the angle and curve of lines is something I am working on.

  2. Your drawing skills are impressive. I especially like Tuesday’s lady.
    The paper piecing for your SAQA block looks daunting. Such tiny pieces! But I am sure you will figure it out. I haven’t even thought about my SAQA block. I’d better get moving.

    1. What can I say, Norma? I like a challenge. I’ve dabbled with drawing from time to time. It is something I struggle with whenever I take a break. So, when SAQA did its second 100 days of making and posting art, I figured it would be a great way to work on my drawing. I’m definitely a visual learner. Following with videos is super helpful, especially since I can pause them repeatedly.

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