Week in Review 2021 – 03/26

Betwixt and Between

I am betwixt and between. One art project is done. Now it is time to consider what to make next. In truth, I may be experiencing artist block. There is nothing I feel compelled to make. One thing experience has taught me, is to make something, anything and trust that enthusiasm or at least happy immersion will follow.

First, I drafted the piecing blueprint based on a slight modification of a scrap quilt I spied on Pinterest.

Admiring the Scenery

I keep a folder, on my computer, where I store relevant quilt related images titled Potential Quilts. This folder is further divided into a multitude of subfolders by imagery, such as trees, morning glories and of course, sunrises. My desktop image is set to rotate sunrise images every time it wakes from sleep. One day one image might speak to me and another day a different image speaks to me.

My first thought was to do what I have always done, create a horizontal coloring. This is no longer the plan.

Pintrest is a mixed blessing. It is easy to get sucked into its blackhole of imagery. However, it is a great resource of inspiration. I have saved multiple images under different Boards, one of these is titled Quilting Motifs and another is titled Scrap Quilts.

Moving On

I selected this photograph taken by my husband on one of our morning walks. What intrigues me is the cloud formation. So often images are nearly 100% horizontal. This one has more movement and more happening at the focal point.

When I am stuck as to what to do next, I find experimenting is a good way to become unstuck. One way I experiment is by combining ideas in ways I haven’t tried before and often haven’t seen done before. I particular love the term experimenting. Since it is an experiment, it takes the pressure off. It puts me in learning mode versus a magnum opus frame of mind.

Using the sunrise photograph as reference, I selected fabrics from my those I have hand dyed, painted and a few zingers that I stamped and stenciled. I will be adding one black and some white on white to form the grid.

When you are betwixt and between what tricks have you discovered to move forward?

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. We all get our inspirations from different sources. Mine are usually based on nature, but I am so opposite from you. Nothing is planned out as you do, my ‘working’ plan is started by whatever piece of fabric grabs my attention and then I just go for it. And yet our opposites bring us great joy. Keep ‘experimenting’–that’s what makes me smile!

    1. I may have a working plan, Kathy, but it feels more spontaneous and intuitive to me, than how others perceive it. Even with different approaches to starting an artwork, I can see our commonalities. We are dedicated, determined, creative and courageous enough to put our work out there. Traits to be proud of. Yes, experimenting is the catalyst, that drive to see what will happen if…

  2. Hmm. I don’t remember the last time I felt stuck or couldn’t come up with a project that motivated me to get started. I have overstuffed binders and endless Pinterest boards and giant desktop folders full of quilt patterns as well as images that have sparked ideas, so many more than I could ever make. And of course I can’t get to any of them because I am still mired in previous unfinished projects. I suppose I like to do my “experimenting” in EQ software, though. That sunrise photo on the beach is gorgeous.

    1. Lucky you, to have such a collection of ideas. You have probably surmised, Rebecca, I create my piecing structure blueprint in EQ8. I don’t like to work a design out completely. It looses the element of surprise and the creative serendipity I find letting various spontaneous choices and “mistakes” inform the next. It does help create the primary lines and groupings. I also find it a great way to avoid waste or collecting bins of scrap fabric I have rejected from placement and value trial and error. Like you I have computer folders filled with ideas. What I discovered this time round, is what appealed to me 5, 10 or more years ago no longer brought out that frisson of excitement. I’m glad you like that sunrise photo. I will be doing some artistic license cropping to eliminate most of the dark beach and the lack of light on the right hand side. Instead I will focus more on the sunrise portion.

  3. You are probably stuck because you have too many ideas floating around…..whatever one you go with I know it will be perfections!

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