Week in Review 2021 – 04/30

First Step

What is courage? That is a question I’ve been mulling over quite a bit since last week’s post. My answer, at least for the moment, is taking a first step.This applies to so many things as I go about my life.

The first step photo that is the inspiration for Sunrise Over the Atlantic

On April 19th, the official date of Patriot’s Day, a holiday celebrating the start of the Revolutionary War, when the colonies broke from the rule of the British Empire, I received my second vaccination against COVID-19. OK, not a first step, but already I have taken several first steps and planned a few more once my two week post final dose milestone is reached. For example, I’ve scheduled appointments with my dentist and eye doctor. This morning I began reading over the latest CDC guidelines for what else I could do, that I haven’t done during the past 13.5 months.

Time to remove the mask

Remember when it felt strange to wear masks? Then it became routine. Now it takes courage to remove the mask even when I know I am with others who are fully vaccinated, as I am. I did remove my mask in front of a non family member this week.

The first few courage steps in the quest to create Sunrise Over the Atlantic

The mask came off for another first step. I was taped in my studio for a town cable station. I am a member of Cohasset Open Studios. Since opening our studios, an annual event, wasn’t doable in 2020, we found ways to share our art. One way is through a series of short TV shows featuring 3 members in each show. It is my turn. I did it. I took that first step by agreeing to be taped.

Embrace the view

A current work in progress of Sunrise Over the Atlantic

Could this be why dawn appeals to me so much? Every day, when the sun peeks out over the horizon is a new, glorious first step. Every artwork starts with a first step, whether it is facing a blank page, canvas or design wall. It is terrifying to begin some new. It is frighten to share work with others, as I do weekly. But the thrill and confidence derived is worth the terror.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. your sentiment spoke to me so much… I am approaching my second dose and terrified of reactions, and don’t know if I’ll feel safe even after. So many people are refusing to get even a first shot and we need them to… thanks for this message. Oh, I had a week of reactions from the first dose of moderna unlike my husband who had a sore arm for a couple days.

    1. I also had more of a reaction to dose than my husband. My arm wasn’t just sore, I couldn’t lift it above my shoulder. Eight days later I got Moderna Rash. Basically a very itchy 3″ x 4″ patch near the vaccination site. Yes, I also had a reaction to second shot. However, it wasn’t too bad. Got the vaccine on Monday morning, arm was sore but mobile for the rest of day. However, I slept through most of Tuesday. By Wednesday I was back to a normal schedule. I would do it all again to have the peace of mind knowing that even if I do get COVID my chances of being hospitalized are slim to none.

      I’m not ready to eat indoors in a restaurant, attend the theater, gather with indoors in family/friends situations, but I am taking baby steps. Really looking forward to NOT bringing my mask on our pre-dawn/dawn walk tomorrow morning. It took time to make mask wearing a habit. I expect it will take time to feeling comfortable in the presence of others who are not wearing masks.

  2. I got my second shot back in February and I am feeling very safe. I have eaten inside in restaurants lately and visited friends in their homes with masks. All double vaxxed.
    You new piece is stunning. The colors just sing and you really have captured the feeling of dawn.

    1. You are two months ahead of me on the vaccine spectrum. Perhaps I will feel safe or at least safer come July. We do have two predominately outdoor gatherings planned in July. The first with our college friends, the second a biennial family reunion. One near Winnipesaukee in NH, the other on the shore of Lake Sebago in ME. I tried to convince my husband we should do an AirBnB or something similar, at least for a long weekend, but he is not ready yet. We shall see.

      I do find using a photograph as a reference to select my palette helpful. Of course, I couldn’t resist brightening things up a tad. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragement.

  3. Sunrise Over the Atlantic is so serenely beautiful, Gwyned. I know how you feel — we’ve grown so accustomed to wearing masks in public that taking it off now feels as shocking as taking your top off in the grocery store! Well, ALMOST as shocking as that…

    1. Sunrise Over the Atlantic is proving to be a delightful surprise. I’ve designed similar work, but each time I vary one, two or more ways of working, so I only know it will probably work, but truly have no idea what it will look like.

      Love your analogy of removing your top in a grocery store. Seems many of us are in the same space at the moment. Going without a mask feels daring, frightening and risqué to many.

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