Week in Review 2020 – 03/27

Sunrise at Minot Beach is nearly done as of March 6, 2020.

My husband and I chose to voluntarily self-isolate on Friday, March 13th. The week preceding our choice we were already practicing social distancing and hand washing. I am surprised the change has barely impacted my routines. I’m blown away by the adaptability of the organizations which are part of my everyday structure.

Starting sometime in 2019 began making my quilt backs from the leftover fabric strips and pieces acquired while making the front. Then I choose compatible fabric from my stash to bring some cohesiveness to back and reach the desired size.

Video conferencing is the new normal. Kudos to SAQA, which has been using Zoom for at least 8 years. Just one way SAQA members receive professional development. Some of us are finding ourselves training friends, family and neighborhood organizations on how to navigate a Zoom screen. SAQA went from hosting a live annual conference in Toronto, Ontario to hosting a virtual conference in less than two weeks.

Most of my first drawings were beach or ocean related. The tutorials for these come from How2DrawAnimals.

Big shout out to the Balance Studio, my local yoga studio. They send out daily YouTube videos created by their teachers for members to follow in their homes. Today I will be taking their first live Zoom class. Can’t wait.

Several weeks into self isolation I had a craving for change and hope. Hence the daffodil.

In between video meetings and chats, I am continuing my studio practice. Every day I do a new pencil drawing, which I post on Instagram and FaceBook. Several days a weeks I work on Sunrise at Minot Beach. Just started the free motion quilting phase.

Couldn’t resist trying my hand at 3D illusion.

How has your routine changed? Or has it?

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By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Things have certainly changed for me. We are trying to get home from FL and it’s not easy. Cancelled flights, changed flights, etc. We just hope it all works out.
    Your drawings are terrific. I especially like the hermit crab, a favorite critter of mine.

    1. Oh, Norma, how difficult this must be for you. It does seem as if you and your sisters have come up with creative solutions on how to spend your time. Personally, I’m so grateful to have creative projects to keep my mind occupied and bring me joy.Like you, I get a kick out of hermit crabs.

  2. My routines have changed a bit — mainly that I’ve tried to ensure time for contact. I’ve been posting regular (almost daily) bits of encouragement/prayer/solace on my Parish weblog and FB pages as well as keeping up with the latest news for my province and Canada as a whole. I’ve set aside original art and am keeping up with work for charity (to be donated later) in both quilting and knitting, as I find it easier on my heart, mind and soul to follow Other People’s Instructions right now. And I try to walk 30 – 60 minutes a day, despite icy and snowy conditions. Mother Nature is bringing in a new storm even as I type. She seems to think this is the way she can do her part to keep us observing ‘stay at home’ protocol! Be well, my friend…

    1. Mother Nature has been doing her part here, too. No snow an ice, but a fair amount of wind and rain. Decades back I had the opportunity to chat with Doreen Speckman as my quilt guild’s Program Director. We were negotiating her contract via telephone. I could hear a sewing machine in the background going full speed. I asked Doreen about it. She was chatting and sewing simultaneously. She said, “Some days you are up to anything. Other days it is best to just sew two strips together.” She and I applaud your choice to make charity projects following someone else patterns.

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