Week in Review 2019 – 06/07

Here is the beginning of the tile floor. It will be under the clawfoot bathtub, in Take Me Away. This is how it actually looks. When piecing something fussy like this, I always make it bigger than what will actually be used. This gives me the flexibility to use the best part.

Do you work on several art projects concurrently, or do you prefer to finish one and then start another? I find my own approach to this has varied over the years. When I first started making art quilts I had an embarrassing number of UFOs (unfinished objects). I was so captivated by each new idea I came up with or technique I read about. I just couldn’t resist experimenting or giving it a try immediately. The downside, beyond the ever increasing number of UFOs, is that when I would return to one, I would either have lost interest or be clueless about how to proceed.

Cut down, and the way I usually present images on my blog, the floor will look more like this.

Now, I am still captivated by ideas and new techniques. The difference is that I have the patience to stay focused on the current artwork until it is done. My UFO stash is less than a handful. There is a downside to working this way, too. When I finish an artwork, as I did this week with Hydrangea, I am left scrambling as to what to work on next.

Art Quilt Challenge to the rescue! I realized I was no longer getting Facebook notifications. Actually, I was enjoying not having my inbox cluttered with Facebook emails telling me this person had updated her profile picture, or there was a new post on that discussion board. However, since I never voluntarily go to my Facebook account, I missed the fact that there was a new challenge on Art Quilt Challenge. Clueless about what to work on next, I looked up the challenge. It gave me the impetus I needed to launch into my current project. The working title is Take Me Away, derived from the old Calgon commercial. The challenge is to create a piece based on water. My piece features a bubble bath.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

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By Gwyned Trefethen

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