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Week in Review 2019 – 03/22

Today’s post will handle some housekeeping and share a bit about how I label my artwork. Perhaps I will toss in a cat photo or two, for a little levity.

First, the housekeeping. Each week I spend (gasp) hours trying to understand the widgets available through WordPress. Widgets are there to do all kinds of work. One example is the search tool. The widget I have been hunting down is one that will allow anyone who is interested to follow my blog. So far, I haven’t found the perfect solution. Do feel free to jump down past the sign up instructions if you don’t need them.

If you look towards the upper right side of the page, (visible on my computer but not on my cell phone) you should see this:

It works, but you may have to have an account with (This is free and you won’t receive annoying emails from WordPress.) If this becomes too arduous, or you don’t want to sign up with WordPress, there is another option.

Instructions for how to follow my WordPress blog depends on how your device displays the post:

If the Comments Section appears at the end of the post:

1) Scan to the bottom of the current WordPress post until you come to the comments section. 

2) You need to enter a comment when signing up. Feel free to say “follower”.

3) After you have typed in your comment, just below the comments you will see two options. The first allows you to be notified if there are additional comments and replies after yours. There is no need to check this UNLESS you want to see my replies or what other people have to say. The second checkbox will make you a follower of Gwyned Trefethen’s Musing, by notifying you whenever I post something new. 

If Comments appears on the left side tool bar:

1) Click on Comments

2) Follow instructions 1 – 3 from up above.

Now that I have the housekeeping out of the way its time to move on to the primary topic of Gwyned Trefethen’s Musings – what’s happening with my art these days.

This picture of Lola, my studio cat, was taken 4 years ago, but it could have been taken this afternoon. Cats have a way of finding the most comfortable spot in the house. What do they care if cat hair gets on the quilt?

I have been in finish mode. Somehow I managed to spend the last three months making new work, but never getting around to adding labels, sleeves or even some facing. Now all that is taken care of.

After 30+ years of labeling my quilts, I have settled on a labeling style that works for me.

Label for “But Can She Type?” I’ve blurred out my contact details for privacy.
  1. I design the label on my computer using Microsoft for Word.
  2. I place a full size image of the quilt on the left.
  3. On the right are pertinent details about the quilt (title, artist’s name, address, phone #, e-mail address, month and year finished, and the size)
  4. I save the label on my computer. This is very handy, since there have been times I needed to replace an old label with a new one. This happens if an exhibition wants information, such as price not normally found on a label, or if I made the quilt when living at past residence, but will have it returning from an exhibition to a new residence. I simply make a few editorial fixes, print a new label and exchange the old for the new.
  5. I print my labels on inkjet fabric sheets.
  6. I trim the label with an extra 1/2″ border.
  7. I had a eureka moment this week! One of the issues with turning the border under by 1/4″ is the corners get very bulky. To avoid this problem I nipped out a 1/4″ square of fabric from each of the four corners. Much less bulk.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Your subscription button does not appear to the right of my screen. I am on a tablet. With some, though not all, WordPress sites I get a little message asking if I want to make the page “mobile friendly” I don’t know if this is part of your problem or not. I have both WordPress and blogger, neither has ever asked me how I want readers to view my site. I don’t really like following by email because I sometimes feel overloaded with information. Hope this helps.

    1. I have proven that my WordPress site IS mobile friendly. My guess is that the Plugin/Widget may not be. I’ve spent another 30 minutes or so down the rabbit hole trying to untangle this. There must be some simple way to resolve the problem, I am just not sure what that is. Thanks for starting me on the investigation.

  2. Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for you to have more investigations!

    I guess some problems could arise within the browser that site visitors use. You won’t be able to fix those.

    Now I wonder how much I miss seeing on my tablet. Maybe it’s high time I have my desktop repaired.

    1. No need to be sorry, Rolanda. I appreciate the input. I expect a learning curve whenever I undertake a new application, such as WordPress. Despite my frustration, I actually enjoy the research. Success can be all the sweeter when it doesn’t come naturally.

  3. For anyone having trouble subscribing to your new blog they might consider checking whether their computer software has an RSS feed……I’m on a Mac and with their constant upgrades I finally sought out one that stays put when software changes. I use Vienna… it…..register and one can have all their blog/news/ etc. subscriptions in one place.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Mary. I’ve made a note to check out Vienna to cope with blog subscriptions.

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