Week in Review 2021 – 12/17

I am Worthy of Rest

The mantra suggested during the restorative portion of my yoga class this morning was “I am worthy of rest.” I am not a big fan of statements that start with “worthy” or “deserving”. However, I don’t discount the need to rest or take a break. In fact, I embrace it.

A full view image of Celestial Celebration now that it has been quilted and cropped. The image is an abstracted cumulous cloud in shades of pink, lavender, deep purple and dark blue, set against a rich sky blue.
Celestial Celebration’s quilting is finished!

One reason yoga appeals to me is because of the arc of the class. Classes traditionally begin with some form of pranayama. This is focused breathing. Its purpose is to settle one down before starting the work or flow of the class. Once the work is done, it is time for savasana. This is a total release, no focus, a time to let go and let the body embrace class.

Take Time to Rest

What does this have to do with studio practice? Being an artist and being a yogi the arc is the same. Nothing happens unless you show up. It takes some time to settle in before the work begins in earnest. Finally, it is time for rest, time to embrace what has been accomplished. Just as yoga postures become more accessible with practice, so do artistic skills.

This is an image of sky's quilting motif in a tight close up. The sky is pieced in pie wedge shapes. The quilting is undulating and open.
The free motion quilting motif for the sky is quite different from my usual dense and intricate style.

Embrace the Time Spent

You are worthy of rest, whatever you practice. Embrace where you have come from, where you are and the excitement of what is yet to come.

I have added TGIFF (Thank Goodness it’s Finished Friday) to my weekly post. I may have few actual artwork finishes. However, since it is a rare week when I don’t start and finish a studio day, I am calling this a finish. I did have a finish this week, too. Celestial Celebration’s quilting is done. On to the facing!

A close up image of the contrasting quilting between the sky and the cloud. The sky's quilting is noticeably looser compared to the tight, dense quilting of the cloud.
Note the difference in quilting motif between the sky and the cloud.

I am linking up with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Fridays and TGIFF.

By Gwyned Trefethen

I am an artist who uses fabric, thread and miscellany to create designs gifted to me by my imagination.


  1. Yes indeed, rest is a Good Thing. I’m interested in how your post coincides with Nina-Marie’s, as she talks of ‘taking a break’. Now that my Xmas gift knitting is finished, I am ‘resting’ too — by having quieter days, working on what strikes my fancy. We’re in deep cold here right now, so that makes it even easier to do! Blessings for Christmas, however you celebrate.

    1. Sometimes I think Nina-Marie and I channel the same thoughts in the air. I never her read hers before sitting down to write mine. When I hop over to hers, to link up, I am often startled by how frequently our themes link up.

      Doesn’t even feel like winter here. Less than a handful of subfreezing moments in December. Should be one cold (for here, not there) day later this week, only to return to above freezing once more. We are wondering how we will celebrate this year. Plans are very mercurial with the global and local increase in pandemic numbers. All are vaccinated, but that doesn’t give us comfort to gather 11 of us in a home, especially since we have school age children, seniors and compromised immunity members in the mix.

      Happy Holidays, Margaret.

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